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To apply for membership, please fill out the information below and click Submit. To complete the application process, you must print the confirmation page that follows and fax it along with copies of your professional identification.

Professional Identification:  (please submit two of the following)

  • Business license indicating profession within the culinary industry.
  • Business card indicating profession within the culinary industry.
  • Certificate of completion to an accredited culinary program.
  • Certificate of completion to an accredited Sommelier program.
  • Letter printed on restaurant letterhead, certifying role as a chef.
  • Current pay stub from restaurant of employment.
  • Food Service Manager Certification issued by local governing authority.

Current Culinary Students: please supply a copy of your valid student ID in lieu
of the requirements listed above.

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Williams Sonoma For Professional Chefs

Williams Sonoma for Professional Chefs

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Membership is intended for professional chefs, sommeliers, restaurateurs, and students enrolled in an accredited culinary institution in the United States and Canada, and is contingent upon receipt of appropriate credentials and completed application. We reserve the right to make all membership determinations at our sole discretion. Each chef or student must individually apply for membership to this program. Approved members will receive an email within two business days confirming membership and benefits.

This is a membership application, not a credit card application. Please read our Terms & Conditions.