Whiskey Set

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    Serve up whiskey on the rocks with this set of classic glasses and sphere-shaped ice molds. The double old-fashioned glasses are made in Germany by Schott Zwiesel to bring sparkling clarity to fine spirits. Their crystal construction features unique Tritan® titanium technology, which means they won't break, chip or scratch. The ice molds yield large, slow-melting spheres that allow you to sip slowly and enjoy whiskey that's not watered down.   Set includes two double old-fashioned glasses and two silicone ice molds. Glasses highlight the beauty of crystal without sacrificing durability. Patented Tritan® titanium technology creates break-, chip- and scratch-resistant glasses. Made in Germany by Schott Zwiesel, famous for fine glassware innovations since 1872. Silicone ice molds stack neatly in the freezer and easily release 2 1/2" diam. ice spheres. Dishwasher safe.
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    Designed to bring out the best in whiskeys and spirits like cognac and Armagnac, this set features a uniquely shaped glass, metal chilling base and leatherette coaster. The mouth-blown glass is tapered with a narrow top for experiencing the unique aroma of spirits. It also has a wide bowl with a central dome, which separates the liquid to prevent overwhelming alcohol vapors and enhance the drinking experience. Freeze the metal chilling base, then pair it with the filled glass to enjoy spirits at the ideal temperature. Set includes shaped glass, metal chilling base and leatherette coaster. Mouth-blown glass is shaped to provide the most aromatic drinking experience. Metal chilling base cools spirits for 30 minutes without using ice. Handsome black synthetic-leather coaster adds luxurious style to the whiskey tasting experience.
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    Give fine spirits Gothic style with this set of double old-fashioned glasses. Mouth blown of lead-free crystal for clarity and brightness, each features a skull sculpture inside the base. Whether filled with Manhattans, sidecars or straight whiskey, they add a unique design element to cocktail hour. Mouth blown of bright, lead-free crystal glass. Dishwasher safe. Set of four.
  • $19.95
    Enjoy a perfect pairing of chocolate and fine spirits with artisan bars that are specially designed to complement different varieties of whiskey. Master chocolatiers at a San Francisco confectionery craft each bar by hand, creating custom blends of premium dark and milk chocolate and top-shelf whiskey – plus the signature ingredients in popular specialty whiskeys, including rich maple, sweet honey and spicy cinnamon. Enjoy the bars with their namesake spirits – or pair them with any of your favorites. In this set, we've included chocolate bars created to enhance five types of whiskey: Scotch, Bourbon, Maple-Infused, Honey-Infused and Cinnamon-Infused. Includes five 2-oz. bars, one of each flavor. 10 oz. total. Made in USA, with chocolates from Germany, Africa, Ecuador.
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    Sip perfectly chilled whiskey over these sleek freezable spheres. Sized to fit perfectly in a double old-fashioned glass, they're made of food-grade stainless steel and unlike ice, won't dilute the flavor or aroma of fine liquor.  The reusable design freezes in three hours and makes cool cocktails feel entirely effortless. Food-grade stainless-steel spheres are filled with liquid that remains cold. A single sphere fits perfectly in a double old-fashioned glass. Smooth rounded design won't scratch glass. Set includes two spheres and storage holders.
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    Bring imperial style to cocktail hour with pop culture's most iconic villain. Etched on one side with Darth Vader's mask, the substantial glasses are sized to hold classic cocktails as well as a galactic block of ice. Fun and functional, the cylindrical silicone molds create sculptural slow-melting Darth Vader-shaped ice cubes, which allow drinks to stay chilled but not watered down. Substantial lead-free glasses each have an etched Darth Vader mask. Sturdy, flexible silicone molds release Darth Vader-shaped ice cubes quickly and easily. Large ice cubes melt slowly, so they don't dilute the flavors of fine spirits. Glasses are dishwasher safe. Set includes two glasses and two ice molds.
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    Since 1956, innovation, quality and craftsmanship have been part of the Williams Sonoma legacy. Our signature Estate old-fashioned glasses embody that philosophy in sleek lines, beautiful proportions and well-balanced weight that feels comfortable in the hand. Refined and versatile, the glasses are hand blown of clear, lead-free crystal that showcases the colors of fine liquors and well-mixed cocktails. Designed in-house in collaboration with liquor and cocktail experts. Masterfully mouth-blown of clear, lead-free crystal. Dishwasher safe. Set of four.