Spice Gift Sets

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    A sprinkling of high-quality salt can make any dish sing. For its flavorful finishing salts, Jacobsen Salt Co. gathers water from pristine Netarts Bay, on the rugged Oregon coastline. Using custom methods perfected by company founder Ben Jacobsen, the water is slowly evaporated until it naturally forms delicate salt crystals, which are hand harvested and dried into large, coarse flakes that have a beautiful sheen and complex flavor. Sprinkle over salads, grilled meats, fish and pasta to heighten the flavor of just about any dish. Our six-vial sampler includes Jacobsen's classic sea salt and five flavored salts: bright lemon zest, aromatic Stumptown coffee, fiery ghost chili, earthy pinot noir and sweet Madagascar vanilla. The boxed set, ready for gifting, offers an impressive presentation for your favorite gourmand. 6.4 oz. total. Made in USA.
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    Stock the pantry with this signature set from Jacobsen Salt Co. – it's the perfect gift for any cook (including yourself). Inside, you'll find three kinds of premium sea salt, all hand-harvested from the pristine waters of Oregon's Netarts Bay, then slowly evaporated to form light, crisp salt crystals. To complement the salts, the set also includes aromatic Tellicherry peppercorns from India. Kosher Salt: Use this flavorful fine-grained sea salt as an all-purpose seasoning – in the kitchen and at the table. It's great for everything from baking and cooking to brining and pickling. Flake Finishing Salt: These large, coarse flakes have a beautiful sheen and bright, complex flavor. Sprinkle them over your favorite dishes just before serving – from salads, vegetables and pastas to grilled meats, poultry and seafood. Grinding Salt: Presented in an attractive grinder, these coarse sea salt flakes combine a bright, delicate mineral flavor with a subtle crunch. Use the ground salt for cooking, baking or as a finishing touch at the table. Tellicherry Peppercorns: Partner Jacobsen's signature sea salts with these premium peppercorns. Prized for their complex flavor and bright, spicy aroma, they're pre-loaded into a handsome grinder for easy seasoning. Includes: 1-lb. box of Kosher Salt, 4-oz. bag of Flake Salt, 2.6-oz. bag of Grinding Salt and a 2.1-oz. bag of Tellicherry Peppercorns. 1 lb. 8.6 oz. total. Sea salts made in USA; peppercorns made in India.
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    Oregon's legendary Jacobsen Sea Salt Co. partnered with the world's top salt makers to bring you this signature sampler. Showcasing distinctive flavors and artisan traditions from around the world, it makes a great gift for any food lover. Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt: The unique color of this sea salt comes from alae, a mineral-rich red clay that forms naturally between layers of lava. Use the crystals to add a rich, earthy flavor to grilled seafood, meats, poultry and veggies. Flower of Bali: Geometric sea salt crystals from Bali have a mild flavor that makes them an ideal pairing for a wide variety of foods – from grilled steak, roasted vegetables and baked potatoes to rich chocolate cakes and buttery caramels. French Sel Gris: Known in France as sel gris , this sea salt derives its grey color from the natural clays at the bottom of salt ponds off the French Atlantic coast. Pair it with richly flavored foods – from beef, lamb and poultry to artisan cheeses. Guatemalan Fleur de Sel: Hand harvested from the same sea water that ancient Mayans used to craft their own salt, these salt crystals are great for finishing everything from salads and vegetables to grilled meats, chicken and seafood. Himalayan Pink Salt: Jacobsen's sparkling pink rock salt is mined from the foothills of the Himalayas. Use the bright, delicate salt crystals as an all-purpose seasoning – ideal for cooking, baking and seasoning foods at the table. Hiwa Kai Black Lava Salt: Sea salt is blended with pure activated charcoal to create beautiful black flakes with a briny, mineral-rich flavor. For a dramatic finish, sprinkle them over everything from salads, pasta and veggies to tropical fruits. Peruvian Pink Salt: These shimmering crystals come from mineral-rich salt ponds in the Peruvian Andes. Use this medium-grained salt as a finishing touch for everything from grilled meats and veggies to homemade confections and roasted nuts. Trapani Italian Sea Salt: This flavorful sea salt is hand harvested from traditional open-air salt ponds in Sicily. The resulting white crystals are fine-grained, with a bright, delicate flavor that makes this a great multipurpose kitchen salt. Set includes eight vials of salt, one of each variety. 3.48 oz. total. Made in USA, Bali, France, Guatemala, Pakistan, Peru and Italy.
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    Our signature seasonings make it easy for pizza lovers to customize each piping-hot slice to suit their tastes. For the best flavor and aroma, all the ingredients in our kit are organically grown. Sprinkle these versatile seasonings on everything from pizza to pasta, flatbread and more.   Organic Red Chile Flakes: Brighten up your favorite pizza with these bold, spicy red chile flakes. (0.7 oz.)   Organic Oregano: Enhance your slice with the aromatic herbal notes of these fragrant oregano leaves. (0.6 oz.)   Organic Spice Blend: Boost flavor with this savory blend of tomatoes, onions, pepper and Mediterranean herbs. Blend (1.4 oz.)   Organic Spicy Garlic Powder: Add savory flavor and a touch of heat with this lively blend of garlic, chiles and peppery spices. (1.5 oz.)   4.2 oz. total. Certified organic by QAI. Made in USA with American and imported ingredients.
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    Spice things up with seasonings from the kitchen of Gaby Dalkin, the creative food blogger behind What's Gaby Cooking . In this special set, we've included four of her signature blends – Argentinian-inspired Gimmi Chimmi, Italian-style Tastes Like Pizza, Mediterranean Gaby's Go-To Blend and the Mexican flavors of Taco Fajita Señorita. Set includes four 1–1.5-oz. tins, one of each flavor. 5 oz. total. Made in USA with American and imported ingredients. Gimmi Chimmi: Fresh, vibrant seasoning is inspired by Argentinian chimichurri sauce. It's delicious incorporated into marinades and dipping sauces or sprinkled on grilled steak and sausages. Tastes Like Pizza: Re-creates the flavors and aromas of your favorite pizza sauce with garlic, tomatoes, onions and Italian spices. Gaby's Go-To Blend: Great on everything, this versatile seasoning combines kosher salt, pepper, garlic, paprika and fragrant Mediterranean spices. Taco Fajita Señorita: Latin-inspired blend combines fragrant Mexican oregano, garlic and cumin with signature mix of chiles and pepper for a touch of spicy heat.
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    Whether you're grilling up sizzling steaks and chops or tender, juicy chicken, this handpicked assortment will add irresistible flavors to everyone's favorite meats. To help you host the season's best barbecues, we've put together an all-star quartet of savory essentials for the outdoor chef. Butcher's Rub: America's butcher shops are famous for house rubs created especially for the day's prime cuts. Ours combines garlic, black pepper and sea salt with mustard seed, paprika, chile flakes and a dash of Worcestershire. Beer Can Chicken Rub: Make your own version of an American barbecue classic with our seasoning rub. For the ultimate beer-can chicken spice, we've combined roasted garlic, onion and paprika with tangy lemon and sweet orange. Ultimate Pork Chop Rub: Our smoky rub is the secret to perfect pork chops, bringing out the meat's natural flavors with a custom blend of tomato, bell peppers, garlic and onion finished with smoked paprika and fragrant spices. Maple Mesquite BBQ Sauce: Descended from classic American recipes, our savory sauce blends natural mesquite smoke and bold spice balanced by the delicate sweetness of pure maple syrup. Set includes three 3-oz. tins of seasoning rub, one of each flavor – plus a 19-oz. bottle of Maple Mesquite BBQ Sauce. Made in USA.
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    Make this year's Thanksgiving the most memorable one yet with our flavor-packed collection of time-saving sides, seasonings and stuffing. This collection includes our slow-simmered Turkey Gravy, Focaccia Stuffing, Autumn Fruit & Spice Turkey Brining Blend, Cranberry Relish, Garlic Parmesan & Herb Mashed Potato Seasoning and Turkey Herbs – all prepared in small batches with premium ingredients for exceptional aroma and taste. Turkey Gravy: Rich, flavorful gravy base made with real turkey. Simply add milk, simmer and serve. Focaccia Stuffing: Italian-inspired stuffing crafted with hearth-baked loaves of focaccia, seasoned with aromatic herbs. Autumn Fruit & Spice Turkey Brining Blend: Signature blend of coarse sea salt, dried apples, juniper berries, lemon peel, Spanish rosemary and tellicherry peppercorns creates moist, flavorful pork and poultry. Cranberry Relish: Ruby-red blend of dried cranberries, sweet apples, tangy orange peel and fragrant spices. Garlic Parmesan & Herb Mashed Potato Seasoning: Versatile blend of California-grown garlic with Parmesan cheese, thyme and chives. Turkey Herbs: Fragrant blend of thyme, sage and marjoram. Includes Turkey Gravy (18 oz.), Focaccia Stuffing (1 lb.), Autumn Fruit & Spice Turkey Brining Blend (2.2 oz.), Cranberry Relish (18 oz.), Garlic Parmesan & Herb Mashed Potato Seasoning (2.3 oz.) and Turkey Herbs (.55 oz.). Made in USA.
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    Spice up your life with seasonings from the kitchen of Gaby Dalkin, the creative food blogger behind What's Gaby Cooking . Each one is custom blended in small batches for optimal freshness and quality, with savory, aromatic herbs and spices that instantly elevate the flavors of your favorite dishes. A wonderful gift, the set includes five of Gaby's signature seasonings: All Things Seafood, Taco Fajita Señorita, Gaby's Go-To Blend, All Things Meat and This Is Everything. Simply sprinkle on food, cook and enjoy. All Things Seafood: Custom combination of lemon, garlic and herbs, including chives, basil, oregano, dill and aromatic black peppercorns. Taco Fajita Señorita: Latin-inspired blend combines fragrant Mexican oregano, garlic and cumin with a signature combination of chiles and pepper for a touch of spicy heat. Gaby's Go-To Blend: Great on everything, this versatile seasoning combines kosher salt, pepper, garlic, paprika and fragrant Mediterranean spices. All Things Meat: Sweet, spicy blend of brown cane sugar, California garlic, chipotle peppers and Turkish cumin. This Is Everything: Gaby's goes-with-everything blend combines savory garlic and onion with crunchy poppy seeds and toasted white and black sesame seeds – the ultimate topping for avocado toast, hummus, salads and roasted vegetables. Set includes All Things Seafood, Taco Fajita Señorita, Gaby's Go-To Blend, All Things Meat and This Is Everything. 3 oz. each (15 oz. total). Made in USA.
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    A great gift for any grill enthusiast, our collection includes 12 of our most popular spice rubs. Each one is a unique blend of spices and seasonings that enhance the natural flavors of meats, poultry, seafood and vegetables. Simply rub the seasonings onto food an hour before cooking, then grill, sauté or roast as usual. Includes twelve 1.5-oz. canisters. 18 oz. total. Made in USA. Rub Library includes (see More Info tab for details): Butcher's Rub Potlatch Lemon Garlic Chili Lime Smokehouse Argentine Steak Rub Ultimate Roast Chicken Sweet Heat Hickory Molasses Steakhouse Potlach Sriracha Kaffir Lime Chipotle Spicy
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    This globally-inspired rub set is the perfect gift for the meat-lover in your life. Each savory rub is hand-blended in small batches from traditional recipes and is specially prepared for a wide range of meats – from lamb and chicken, to pork and beef. Simply rub onto your favorite meat before grilling, sautéing or roasting, awakening your taste buds to a world of lively international flavors. Collection includes Morrocan Harissa (for lamb), Caribbean Jerk (for chicken), Sweet & Smokey Mustard Rub (for pork), Traditional South African BBQ (all-purpose) and Argentinean Chimichurri (for beef). (See More Info. tab for details.) 12 oz. total. Includes a tin spice shaker. Made in South Africa.
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    Inspire your favorite cooks to explore an exciting new world of flavors with this artisan set, showcasing a dozen custom Oregon sea salt blends from Jacobsen Salt Co. Each variety begins with hand-gathered water from Netarts Bay, slowly evaporated until it forms light, delicate salt crystals. A creative gift for any food lover, the impressive boxed set includes everything from distinctive herb, citrus and chile salts to aromatic pinot noir and delicate vanilla salts (see More Info tab for details). Includes 12 vials, one of each flavor. 4.23 oz. total. Made in USA.
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    Our sampler of potlatch rubs is inspired by the natural botanical seasonings that Pacific Northwest Indians once used to prepare salmon for their ceremonial feasts. Packaged in mini tins, the collection of seasonings includes our Classic flavor plus three lively twists: Spicy, Citrus Ginger and Lemon Garlic . Each variation is delicious with salmon and complements other seafood, pork and chicken too. Spicy: Showcases the classic, rich potlatch flavor of red peppers and herbs, but with a kick of heat. Citrus Ginger: Combines the bright flavors of oranges with the kick of ginger, a touch of cane sugar and spices – coriander, paprika, turmeric and red pepper Lemon Garlic: Tangy lemon and savory garlic with fragrant turmeric and cardamom. Classic: A mildly spicy blend of fragrant paprika, crushed red peppers and chili pepper rounded out with oregano, basil and coriander. Set of four 1.5-oz. tins, one of each flavor. Made in USA.
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    Refresh your spice pantry with a salt and pepper set brimming with lively color, savory flavor and essential nutrients. Our pink Himalayan sea salt is naturally rich in minerals with clean, delicate flavor. The 5-Pepper Blend combines four colors of peppercorns – black, white, pink and green – with Jamaican allspice berries for unique, nuanced flavor. Simply twist the top of each bottle to add freshly ground salt or pepper to your favorite dishes. Set includes Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (10 oz.) in glass bottle and 5-Pepper Blend (5.2 oz.) in plastic bottle. 15.2 oz. total. Made in USA from imported ingredients.
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    Looking for a simple way to spice up homemade or take-out pizzas? Try this trio of fragrant herbs and spices, sourced from around the world by a family-owned artisanal spice company in California's Napa Valley. Sprinkle the seasonings over a fresh-baked pizza—or use them to enliven your pizza sauce. Whole Greek Oregano Leaves: Our fragrant dried oregano has a warm, slightly bitter flavor that echoes the classic herbs used to flavor the original pizzas created by bread bakers in Naples. 0.6 oz. Red Chili Flakes: Among the most versatile seasonings in the kitchen, these premium red chiles have a pungent and pronounced heat that complements pizza and other Italian favorites. 1.5 oz. Pizza Seasoning: Aromatic Mediterranean herbs and spices are blended with savory onions and sweet sun-dried tomatoes to create a classic seasoning for pizzas and other Italian favorites. 1.7 oz. Set of three, one of each seasoning. Made in the USA of imported ingredients.
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    Enjoy the delicious flavors of American grilling, from the Deep South to the Pacific Northwest. This deluxe gift hamper offers inspiration for the outdoor chef with a lineup of our most popular grilling sauces, rubs and condiments. It also contains a silicone basting brush and a heavy-duty cotton towel to keep near the grill. Ready for gift-giving, the exclusive collection arrives in a reusable wicker picnic hamper. 17 lb. total. Sauces and rubs are made in USA. Basting brush is made in China. Dish towel is made in Turkey. Grilling Hamper includes (see More Info tab for details): Williams Sonoma Bourbon & Black Pepper BBQ Sauce Williams Sonoma Maple Mesquite BBQ Sauce Williams Sonoma Sweet Onion Applewood BBQ Sauce Williams Sonoma Potlatch Mini Rub Set Williams Sonoma Steakhouse Rub Williams Sonoma Smokehouse Rub Williams Sonoma Butcher's Rub Williams Sonoma Burger Bomb Seasoning Williams Sonoma Burger Bomb Sauce Williams Sonoma New York Hot Dog Bomb Sauce Williams Sonoma Ultimate Silicone Basting Brush Williams Sonoma Classic Logo Dish Towel
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    Add fresh ground flavor to homemade dishes with this trio of premium spice blends. Whether you're topping pasta, seasoning soup or prepping grilled meats, our artisanal blends make it easy to maximize flavor – simply twist the top of the jar and enjoy. Set includes: House Blend (7.4 oz.), Italian Blend (3.9 oz.) and Everyday Blend (3.8 oz.). Glass jar tops twist and grind. Made in USA.
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    A superb gift for adventurous cooks, this Spice Lab collection is a round-the-world ticket to exploring fascinating new flavors. The spices are presented in Pyrex® glass vials with natural cork stoppers. Arranged in the sustainable bamboo stand, they create a colorful countertop display. The included bamboo spoon makes it easy to add spice to your favorite recipes. With a lineup of 11 premium spices at your fingertips, culinary inspiration will flow freely. 7.3 oz. total (0.3 oz – 1.5 oz. vials). Includes bamboo stand and 1-tsp. bamboo spoon. Most spices are made in USA; Himalayan Pink Salt is imported from Pakistan and processed in USA. Includes 11 spice vials: Cinnamon Himalayan Pink Salt Cumin Oregano Thyme Nutmeg Italian Seasoning Granulated Garlic Sweet Paprika Turmeric Herbs de Provence
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    This set includes all the essential spices required for a fully equipped kitchen, housed in a beautiful wooden storage block that displays the 12 vials on the countertop. Created by the Jacobsen Salt Co. of Oregon, the set adds spice to your favorite dishes and beauty to your kitchen. Set of 12 essential spices includes sea salt, kosher salt, cayenne, paprika, garlic granules, turmeric, Tellicherry peppercorns, cumin, coriander, oregano, rosemary and thyme. Handmade wooden block displays spices on counter. Made in USA.
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    It's easy to whip up great Thanksgiving sides when you've got this set on your pantry shelf. We've included all the custom seasonings you'll need to make the best-ever veggies – from mashed potatoes to green beans, carrots and Brussels sprouts. Garlic Parmesan Herb Mashed Potato Seasoning: A rich, savory blend of Parmesan cheese, garlic and herbs. Carrot Seasoning: A classic harvest combo of sweet maple and warm autumn spices, including cinnamon and allspice. Brussels Sprout Seasoning: A bold, spicy blend of roasted garlic and a vibrant medley of chile peppers. Green Bean Seasoning: A savory, aromatic blend of roasted garlic, porcini mushrooms, onion and black pepper. Set includes four 1.5-oz. tins, one of each flavor. Made in USA with American and imported ingredients.
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    Share classic flavors from around the world with our trio of signature seasoning blends. Crafted from the finest herbs and spices, each blend is presented in a beautiful bottle that doubles as a spice grinder, so it's always easy to enjoy the freshest flavors and aromas. These seasonings are exceptionally versatile—use them to brighten the flavor of everything from fresh seasonal veggies, salads, soups and grain dishes to beef, pork, chicken and seafood. Our trio includes: Adobo: A vibrant Latin-inspired combo of garlic, cumin and oregano – plus chiles for a mildly spicy kick. Harissa: A bold, savory North African-style blend of coriander, garlic and tomato, spiced up with chiles for a touch of heat. Chinese 5 Spice: A classic Asian spice blend with warm notes of cinnamon, clove, fennel, star anise and Szechuan peppercorns. Set of three, one of each flavor. 2 oz. each; 6 oz. total. Made in USA from imported ingredients.
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    Add exceptional flavor to roasted or grilled foods with our set of eight spice blends. From classic Rosemary & Garlic to Chinese 5-Spice and Moroccan Harissa, the rubs are perfect for chicken, pork, beef, seafood and vegetables, taking everyday dishes to the next level. Includes 8 seasoning rubs, (see More Info. tab for details). 1.2–1.9-oz. oz. each. Made in USA. Butcher's Block Spice set includes: Argentinian Chimichurri Cajun-Style Sweet & Smoky Rosemary & Garlic Moroccan Harissa Holy Smoke Chinese Five-Spice Caribbean Jerk Chipotle
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    The secret to the ultimate umami-packed flavor is a pantry stocked with legendary truffle condiments from Regalis Foods. These luxurious kitchen staples instantly transform everything from grilled meats, vegetables and artisan cheeses to egg dishes and popcorn. Founded by Ian Purkayastha, Regalis is a top purveyor of rare truffles and authentic truffle condiments for Michelin-starred chefs around the globe. Our gift trio of savory pantry picks includes: White Truffle Butter: A favorite of the world's great chefs, this fragrant golden butter makes just about everything taste amazing. It's blended with minced white truffles from Italy for rich, earthy flavor with delicate hints of garlic. Black Truffle Sauce: To create this chunky sauce, artisans combine earthy champignons de Paris (European mushrooms) and extra-virgin olive oil with bits of fragrant Italian black summer truffles from Abruzzo. Black Truffle Salt: For intense, earthy flavor, artisans blend Sicilian sea salt with bits of aromatic Italian black summer truffles. Set includes three tins; one of each flavor. 3 oz. total. Made in USA and Italy.
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    Sutter Buttes' salts, rubs and herb blends bring a world of flavor to your door. Founders Alka Kumar and Arek Kazmierczak travel the globe to discover fresh regional ingredients, then craft premium blends at their award-winning company in California's Sacramento Valley. This gift set includes nine assorted seasonings for everything from meat and poultry to seafood and vegetables. Hunter's Seasoning: Lively blend of spices enhances the flavors of wild meat and poultry. (2 oz.) Napa Valley Herbs: Versatile seasoning combines garlic, onions, chives and sea salt. Roasting & BBQ Seasoning: Aromatic spice blend brings hearty flavor to steak, burgers, pork and ribs. (2 oz.) Fish & Seafood Seasoning: Medley of garlic, onion, dill and lemon peel enlivens the delicate taste of seafood. (2 oz.) Chili Lime Seasoning: Tangy, spicy blend made with chile, red peppers, cayenne peppers, lime juice, sea salt and a dash of cane sugar. (2 oz.) Lemon Herb Seasoning: Perfect for poultry and seafood, with savory herbs and bright citrus flavors. (2 oz.) Tuscan Herb Sea Salt: Combination of Pacific flake sea salt and aromatic Italian herbs. (2 oz.) Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: Mineral-rich salt harvested in the pure, pristine waters of the Himalayas. (2 oz.) Applewood Smoked Sea Salt: Lends aromatic smoky finish to everything from salmon and chicken to burgers and baked potatoes. (2 oz.) 1 lb. 2 oz. total. Made in USA from American and imported ingredients.
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    A flavor-forward gift for foodies, these specialty salts from Italy will enhance – and possibly transform – a range of dishes. Harvested from the Adriatic Sea, each salt in the set is infused with a blend of spices, flowers or herbs to create a unique and delicious seasoning. Truffle & Salt: Award-winning blend of sea salt and earthy black truffle. Great on eggs, pasta, soup and salad. Fennel & Salt: Sea salt blended with toasted fennel, organic Sicilian fennel pollen and exotic spices. Ideal for finishing soup and salad or as a rub for roasted root vegetables and grilled pork chops. Saffron & Salt: Sea salt blended with delicate, golden strands of saffron. Perfect for fusion cuisine, risotto and fresh ricotta cheese. Fiori & Salt: Aesthetically appealing mix of sea salt, wild orange peel and edible flowers. Presents beautifully when sprinkled on fresh ricotta or burrata cheese, green salad and pureed soup. Porcini & Salt: Sea salt mixed with sundried porcini mushrooms, onions, garlic and herbs. Enhances roasted game, halibut, chicken, risotto and sautéed mushrooms.  Herb & Salt: Aromatic blend of sea salt and herbs from the Italian peninsula. The ideal rub for grilled steak, chicken and prawns. Set includes six 1-oz. glass jars, one of each flavor. Made in Italy.
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    Our long-simmered braising sauces bring a bounty of flavor to beef and chicken dishes, minimizing prep time while adding delicious character. Crafted in small batches with all-natural ingredients that include full-bodied wines, fresh vegetables and gourmet spices, the sauces offer delicious depth and complexity of flavor. Combine with meat or poultry in a slow cookers or Dutch ovens. Our special set of three braising sauces includes Coq Au Vin, Meyer Lemon and Beef Bourguignon. Set of three, one of each flavor. Coq Au Vin: Our authentic sauce simplifies preparing this rich, savory French favorite. Its all-natural ingredients include full-bodied red wine, veal stock, earthy cremini mushrooms and traditional seasonings, long-simmered to achieve delicious depth and complexity. Meyer Lemon: Our vibrant sauce blends tangy Meyer lemons with mellow roasted garlic and fine California Chardonnay, highlighting the bright flavors with French Dijon mustard and herbs. Ingredients are slowly simmered to create a rich, flavorful sauce. Beef Bourguignon: Boeuf bourguignonne is a specialty of France's Burgundian countryside. Our all-natural blend combines  red wine, beef stock, cremini mushrooms and herbs for authentic French flavors. 11.5 oz. each. Made in USA with American and imported ingredients.
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    The chefs of the Williams Sonoma Test Kitchen took our customers' all-time-favorite recipes and turned them into time-saving meal starters designed exclusively for the Instant Pot. This gift set features two of our most popular starters – Lemon Parmesan Leek Risotto and Tortilla Soup. Cook them in the Instant Pot and in less than 20 minutes, they'll be ready to serve and enjoy. Lemon Parmesan Leek Risotto: Savory blend of arborio rice, Parmesan cheese, leeks and citrus. (11 oz.) Tortilla Soup: Made with a blend of ancho and Hatch chiles, black beans, lime, garlic and spices. (5.6 oz.) Set of two, one of each flavor. 16.6 oz. total. Each serves 4–6. Made in USA.
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    In European kitchens, cooks keep wooden salt cellars near the stove, so it's easy to grab a pinch of salt when necessary. Our salt cellar is crafted of richly grained Mediterranean olivewood  and comes with premium Flor de Sal sea salt from Portugal. The hand-harvested flakes have a crisp, delicate texture and subtle flavor that makes them exceptionally versatile. Sprinkle them over everything from salads, veggies and pasta to grilled meats and seafood. Set includes olivewood salt cellar and 1.8-oz. jar sea salt. Salt is a product of Portugal; salt cellar made in Tunisia.
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    During the summer months, sauniers (salt harvesters) on the French island of Ré continue a centuries-old tradition of gathering fleur de sel from local salt marshes. Sometimes called "summer ice," the naturally formed sea salt is hand-harvested, then dried by the warm summer sun and wind. The resulting crystals have a light, delicate crunch and clean, crisp flavor with hints of lavender—perfect for finishing everything from salads, cheeses and foie gras to grilled meats, chicken and seafood. Beautifully packaged in a rustic wooden gift box, the sea salt is paired with a handcrafted wooden serving spoon. 3.53 oz. Made in France.
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    Experience a taste of the American South with our trio of slow-simmered barbecue sauces. They're handcrafted for finger-lickin' flavor, with premium ingredients like Kentucky bourbon, ancho chiles, sweet Vidalia onions, fresh mangoes and real molasses. Brush them on everything from burgers and ribs to grilled steaks, chicken and pork. Sweet Onion Applewood: A Southern blend of smoke and spices, with sweet Vidalia onions, fragrant applewood smoke, apple juice, molasses, black pepper and red chiles. Bourbon Black Pepper: Robust red barbecue sauce made with real Kentucky bourbon, ancho chiles and hickory for smoky heat, with a touch of molasses and tomato puree for tangy sweetness. Mango Habanero: Bold and spicy blend sauce of ripe mangoes, tomatoes and fiery chiles. Fresh ginger, lime juice and Jamaican jerk spices add a lively finish. Set includes three 8-oz. bottles. 24-oz. total. Made in USA.
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    What began as a truffle-hunting expedition four generations ago has evolved into a world-renowned family business, with Savini truffles exported to Michelin-starred restaurants across the globe. Based in the heart of Tuscany, the family-run company showcases the sublime flavor of truffles in everything it makes, from condiments and olive oil to pasta and the signature dwarf peaches. Brimming with the flavor and fragrance of prized Italian truffles, this spectacular set arrives ready for gift-giving in a reusable hatbox. Parmigiano-Reggiano and Truffle Cream: Decadent blend of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, Italian olive oil, fresh cream and truffles. (3.17 oz.) Egg Pasta with Truffle: Classic Italian pasta prepared with local durum wheat semolina, eggs and summer truffles. (8.82 oz.) White Truffle-Flavored Olive Oil: Extra-virgin olive oil infused with premium Italian Tuscan white truffles. (8.45 oz.) Summer Truffle-Flavored Dwarf Peaches: Olive-size peaches combine the flavor of young green peaches with savory black truffles. (6.17 oz.) Butter and Truffle: Fresh cream butter infused with Italian bianchetto truffles, salt and pepper. (2.82 oz.) Truffle Sauce: Rich, savory tapenade prepared with pureed mushrooms, olives, capers and black summer truffles. (5.99 oz.) Hatbox: 12" diam., 8" high. 2 lb. 3.4 oz. total. Shipped fresh. Made in Italy.
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    We created all-in-one toppings that bring home the signature flavors of New York, Chicago and All-American hot dogs. The bright flavors feature the most popular condiments in each region – and across the country – plus our own special blend of spices. Spread the toppings on everything from hot dogs and sausages to burgers and sandwiches. New York: Classic combination of sauerkraut, spicy brown mustard, sautéed onions and our own blend of savory spices. Chicago: Crafted with sweet pickle relish, yellow mustard, sport peppers and onions, plus a dash of celery salt and poppy seeds. All-American: Inspired by classic ketchup, made with sweet, ripe tomatoes and our own blend of savory spices. Set includes New York–Style (12 oz.), Chicago-Style (12 oz.) and All-American (12.5 oz.) flavors. Made in USA.
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    Inspire a cook's creativity with a collection that celebrates the bold, earthy intensity of fine white truffles. These delicacies are imported from Tartufi di Fassia, a family-owned estate in Umbria, Italy, where  cavatori (truffle hunters) have harvested their treasures from the hilly woods for more than a century. Packaged in our signature reusable wooden gift crate, the assortment includes: Fresh White Truffles: Foraged in the wooded foothills of Umbria, these prized white truffles have a smooth golden skin and a distinctively marbled golden interior. Shave thinly over egg dishes, pasta, potatoes and risotto (1 oz.). Organic White Truffle Olive Oil: 100% Umbrian organic extra-virgin olive oil, cold-pressed, with a slightly peppery foundation and notes of garlic from the white truffle extract. Add just a few drops for finishing pasta, risotto, eggs or your favorite meats and seafood (3.38 oz.). Truffle Butter: A fragrant golden spread of black summer truffle pieces blended with dairy butter churned from the rich milk of grass-fed cows. Delicious in risottos and pastas as well as on crostini, flatbreads and popcorn (4.23 oz.). Truffle Shaver: Designed especially for slicing fresh truffles, with a sharp adjustable blade for clean, precise slices. 8.6 oz food total.  Truffles are shipped chilled. Made in Italy.