Poultry Shears

  • $29.95
    The ideal tool for cutting and breaking down poultry, these powerful shears by Wüsthof make skinning, cutting and carving easy. The ergonomically shaped, nonslip handles provide a secure grip while the stainless-steel blades provide plenty of strength. An internal spring makes cutting a breeze, and a built-in safety lock protects against injury. Perfect for cutting, skinning and carving chicken, turkey, duck or goose. Made with curved, sharp stainless-steel blades. Ergonomically shaped, nonslip handles provide secure grip. Internal spring makes cutting easier and won't pop out. Safety lock prevents unexpected opening of blades to protect against injury.
  • $26
    The tapered, finely serrated blades of these shears trim, cut and divide poultry with surgical precision, while their soft spring-loaded grips reduce hand fatigue. A notch in the blade holds bones in place while you're cutting. Ergonomic loop handles provide a comfortable nonslip grip. Handles lock for safe storage. Stainless-steel blades come apart for thorough cleaning.
  • Sugg. Price $100 Our Price $79.95
    Equipped with stainless-steel serrated blades, these top-quality German-made shears cut easily through meat and bones without tearing the delicate meat. The shears' notched blade can be used for cracking bones. Serrated stainless-steel blades cut through bones while leaving meat intact. Wüsthof's Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) ensures a 20% sharper blade with twice the edge retention. Durable textured stainless-steel handles provide a steady grip and lock closed for storage.
  • $49.95
    Made in Italy, Paul poultry shears are favored by chefs worldwide for their extremely robust construction—which is especially important when it comes to spatchcocking or cutting poultry into pieces. More than 60 individual steps go into crafting each pair, from forging the steel to hand polishing. Forged of rust-free stainless steel. Long, curved blades are serrated to prevent food from slipping. Bone breaker is integrated into blade. Recoil spring efficiently transfers force, ensuring easy cutting with minimal effort. Made in Italy by a family-owned company specializing in fine scissors since 1886.
  • Sugg. Price $29.95 Our Price $23.96
    The quintessential tool for cutting and breaking down whole chickens and turkeys is spring-loaded to make the task easier. Simply squeeze the comfortable, nonslip handles to open, cut through meat and bone with ease, and click to lock closed for storage. Stainless-steel blades. Easily cuts through meat and bone. Squeeze to open and click to lock closed. Designed for compact storage. Nonslip handles provide a comfortable grip and great control.
  • Sugg. Price $30 Our Price $9.95
    No kitchen is complete without a pair of all-purpose shears. Made by the cutlery experts at Wüsthof, these durable stainless-steel shears tackle numerous kitchen tasks, from parting a whole chicken to cutting pizza to snipping delicate herbs. Steel notches between the handles help with cracking poultry bones or twisting off small jar or bottle caps. Durable stainless-steel shears come apart for easy cleaning and sharpening. Slip-resistant polypropylene handles. Handles feature notches for cracking bones or shells, or opening bottle caps.
  • Sugg. Price $64.95 Our Price $51.96
    Kitchen shears handle countless tasks, from snipping herbs to breaking down poultry, cutting parchment paper and opening food packages. Our set includes three essentials – Herb Shears, Poultry Shears and Utility shears – for all of your culinary needs. They're made of stainless steel with soft-grip handles for comfortable everyday use. Herb Shears: Ideal for cutting herbs; integrated herb stripper quickly separates leaves from stalks. Poultry Shears: Tapered, finely serrated blades trim, cut and divide poultry; notch in blade holds bones in place; spring loaded for easy, one-handed use. Utility Shears: Handy for everything from cutting leafy greens to kitchen twine to paper and plastic. Set of three includes Herb Shears, Poultry Shears and Utility Shears. Sharp stainless-steel blades provide clean, precise cutting. Custom-designed nonslip handles offer comfortable, secure grip. The Herb Shears and Utility Shears come apart for easy cleaning.