Lavender Wreath

  • $54.95
    Brighten your home with the refreshing aromas and uplifting colors of two classic culinary herbs. A vibrant addition to any room, our fragrant wreath combines air-dried lavender blooms with leafy green sprigs of fresh rosemary. It's handcrafted for us by artisans at a family-owned farm in California’s Salinas Valley. All botanicals are grown without herbicides or pesticides. Display the wreath indoors or in a sheltered outdoor area. For decorative use only.
  • $59.95 $149.95
    At farmers' markets across America, artisans showcase local seasonal botanicals by creating decorative wreaths. Hand-made on a family-owned farm, our popular wreath and garland celebrate this tradition with a medley of colorful dried flowers and fragrant herbs that add natural beauty to the home. Botanicals include blue lavender, purple Mexican sage, creamy achilla of the pearl, golden yarrow and orange safflowers. Herbs include marjoram, thyme, sage, fresh bay leaves and delicate pepperberries. All herbs and botanicals are grown without pesticides or herbicides. Available in three sizes. Made in USA.
  • $89.95
    Our wreath celebrates the beauty of summer with dried seasonal botanicals in rich hues and lush textures. The swirling palette of lavender, blue and green is arranged by hand using air-dried avena, lemon mint, lavender and oregano – all grown without herbicides or pesticides on a farm in the Pacific Northwest. Handcrafted from air-dried avena, lemon mint, lavender and oregano. All botanicals are grown without herbicides or pesticides. Protect from weather. Made in USA.
  • $69.95 $149.95
    With a palette of lavender, purple, green, blue and yellow, this dried wreath calls to mind classic impressionist paintings, which strove to capture the momentary and fleeting effect of our natural world. Hand assembled of air-dried botanicals, it provides an elegant addition to the home. Handcrafted from air-dried larkspur, lavender, echinops, oregano, avena, pearly everlasting, ammobium and yarrow. All botanicals are grown without herbicides or pesticides. Protect from weather. Made in USA.
  • $89.95
    Enliven your home with a wreath that captures the alluring, sun-bleached shades of the French countryside. Artisans in Washington combine an array of locally grown and dried greenery, including yellow tansy, blue larkspur, lemon mint, pale-green Avena, white Pearly Everlasting and lavender, and artfully arrange them on a metal frame for lasting enjoyment. Pesticide- and herbicide-free. Handcrafted from locally grown and dried plants from Washington State. For indoor or sheltered outdoor display only.