Honey Pot With Dipper

  • $45
    Sweeten daily rituals from breakfast to teatime with this stoneware honey pot. Decorated with a honeybee and Le Creuset's signature bands, the enamel-glazed pot comes with a honey dipper. 16-oz. cap. High-fired stoneware is exceptionally strong. Durable porcelain enamel-glaze finish is easy to clean and resists chips, scratches and stains. Lid helps to preserve freshness; notch in lid accommodates dipper. Includes silicone dipper with wooden handle.
  • $6.95
    Drizzle honey into tea or onto biscuits or toast with this classic wooden dipper. Made of maple. Hand-wash. 7" long. Made in USA.
  • $29.95
    Beekeeper Ted Dennard's Savannah Bee Company produces exquisite natural honey and nurtures thriving colonies. Sweet, light and golden, this Tupelo honey hails from the Apalachicola and Altamaha river basins in Florida and Georgia. Drizzle the rare treat on yogurt, stir it into tea or add it to favorite recipes. 12 oz. Certified kosher by KSA. Made in USA.  
  • $33.95
    Experience true Southern comfort with this golden Georgia honeycomb, infused with fresh black truffles from Chuckey, Tennessee. Showcasing raw star thistle honey from Savannah, the completely edible honeycomb offers a delicious combination of flavors and textures, blending the honey's delicate sweetness with the deep, earthy flavors of the truffles. It's a great addition to a cheese board—or enjoy it on a baguette or in a grilled cheese sandwich. You can also use bits of the honeycomb to top everything from pancakes, waffles and ice cream to your favorite salads. This extraordinary American honeycomb comes to us from Ian Purkayastha of Regalis Foods, a top purveyor of rare truffles and authentic truffle condiments for Michelin-starred chefs around the world. 6 oz. Made in USA.
  • $7.95
    One of nature's sweetest delights, honey has long been used to enhance a variety of sweet and savory foods. Offering the delicate flavors of liquid honey in an easy-to-use form, our granulated honey is perfect for cooking, baking and everyday sweetening. Our rich, golden granules offers the natural sweetness of honey–without the stickiness. Replace some or all of the sugar in recipes for breads, cakes, pies, cookies and other desserts. Use to add delicate sweetness to your favorite hot or cold beverages, including coffee, tea, lemonade and cocktails. Our premium, all-natural granulated honey is sourced and blended by a family-owned artisanal spice company in Northern California's Napa Valley. 2 oz. Product of USA.
  • $59.95
    Among the most famous of Spanish cheeses, Manchego is made exclusively from the milk of sheep that graze on the plains of La Mancha—the land of Don Quixote. In this set, we pair the handcrafted cheese with two classic accompaniments: delicate amber honey and crunchy Marcona almonds. Manchego: Crafted from raw sheep's milk, this smooth, firm cheese has a rich, tangy-sweet flavor with a smooth, nutty finish. Honey: Harvested in Pennsylvania, this wildflower honey has a soft floral sweetness that pairs beautifully with the Manchego. Marcona Almonds: Prized Spanish Marcona almonds are roasted to crunchy perfection, then finished with honey and salt for a perfect balance of salty-sweet flavors. Includes 1 lb. Manchego cheese, 2 oz. honey and 3 oz. Marcona almonds. Shipped chilled. Made in Spain and USA.

Honey Pot with Dipper: Sweeten Your Table Spread

Honey enhances the flavor of a variety of sweet and savory foods and it is commonly drizzled over bread and biscuits for a light and sweet snack. You can also use it to sweeten hot and cold beverages like tea, coffee and lemonade. A honey pot makes a handy table accessory that allows you to keep honey within easy reach when serving food and drinks. The pot also helps to keep the honey fresh and tasty. Use a honey pot to store the delicious honey and a dipper to quickly and easily add some drops of honey wherever you want it.

Honey pots and honey dippers make a perfect addition to sugar and creamer sets. Bring out all three when serving tea and biscuits to give your guests a choice of sweeteners.

Find the Perfect Honey Pot with Dipper at Williams Sonoma

If a honey pot and dipper seem like a good addition to your kitchen setup, then you can find both among our extensive selection of serving accessories. Shop for honey pots crafted of beautiful stoneware and finished with an enamel glaze for extra visual appeal. Stoneware honey pots are durable, scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe for easy care and cleaning. A notch in the lid makes it capable of accommodating a honey dipper. Our available silicone and wood dippers are also simple to use and care for.

We carry a selection of high-quality honey products to fill your new honey pot with as well. Our sweet and light honey makes a wonderful addition to a cheese board, bringing balance to the salty and savory flavor of cheeses and cured meats. You can also drizzle it over yogurt, salads, waffles and even sandwiches.

How to Use a Honey Pot Dipper

Honey dippers are the most effective tool for transferring honey out of a honey pot and the best part is that they couldn't be easier to use. Simply dip the dipper into the honey pot and give it a twist to coat all of the sides, then pull it out and twist it again overtop whatever food or drink you would like to add honey to. The grooved design of a honey dipper helps to minimize dripping and makes it easy to get exactly the amount of honey you want.

Bring some extra sweetness to your table spread by choosing a honey pot with dipper included from Williams Sonoma. Our honey pots and honey dippers come in charming designs that your guests will love and that you can easily coordinate with your other kitchen decor and serveware, like appetizer plate sets. Add honey to all your favorite foods and beverages with just a simple twist.