Grill Baskets and Trays

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    Grilling meat is easier – and safer – when you use this double-layered set of trays made of lightweight melamine and available in red and black. Place raw meat on the red tray, position the black tray underneath and carry both trays to the grill. When your meat is cooked, switch the trays so the black one is on top – ready to hold your cooked meat. The nested design safely prevents cross-contamination between uncooked and cooked food. Set of two color-coded melamine in trays safely transport and separate raw and cooked meat. Designed for maximum food safety. Durable shatter-resistant melamine construction. Trays won't absorb flavors or odors. Dishwasher safe. Set of two.
  • $49.95
    Prepping and grilling meat is easier – and safer – than ever with this double-layered tray, specially designed to prevent contamination between raw and cooked food. Simply place raw meat or vegetables in the deep lower tray to marinate, and use the top tray as a lid. After grilling, transfer cooked meat or vegetables to the top tray. Two-piece system includes top and bottom trays that are color coded to prevent food contamination Bottom tray features deep sides to contain marinade liquids. Top tray nests perfectly in lower tray and features a textured surface and perimeter wall to elevate food and contain drippings. Made of lightweight, BPA-free melamine that resists shattering – perfect for outdoor use. Melamine won't absorb flavor or odors.
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    Grill safely with our nesting melamine trays. Use the red tray to carry raw meat out to the grill and the black tray to transport cooked food back to the kitchen. The compact size of the trays is ideal for a pair of chicken breasts or steak for two. Set of two. Color-coded trays safely separate and transport raw and cooked meat. Convenient nesting design. Shatter-resistant melamine will not absorb odors or flavors. Dishwasher safe.
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    The secret to moist, flavorful grilled fish, this multi-functional ceramic tray from France makes it easy to marinate, cook and serve fresh filets or steaks, all in the same vessel. High ridges sear the fish with grill marks, while the flame-safe ceramic gently diffuses heat to keep fish from becoming dry and overcooked. Great for vegetables, too! Ideal for cooking fish on the grill, in the oven or under the broiler. Crafted of durable, high-fired Burgundian clay to ensure gentle, uniform heat conduction. Finished with Emile Henry’s proprietary lead-free black Flame glaze, which won’t chip or crack and is safe for use with knives and other metal utensils. Goes directly from freezer or fridge to the oven or barbecue, then makes a graceful transition to the table, where it helps keep fish warm during your meal. Restaurant-quality glazed stoneware withstands temperatures up to 930°F. High sides allow you to gently cook fish in its marinade—or use the spout to pour off liquid before grilling. Ridged cooking surface sears fish with attractive grill marks. Two large handles make it easy to transfer the tray from fridge to grill to table. Crafted in Marcigny, France by Emile Henry, makers of fine French kitchen ceramics since 1850.
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    Crafted from solid European pine and topstitched leather handles, our tray gives foods a rustic presentation. The generously sized slab for serving everything from an assortment of cheeses to mini cupcakes to condiments for burgers fresh off the grill. Handcrafted of solid European pine wood. Topstitched leather handles for easy carrying Finished with food-safe natural beeswax.