Green 22 Inch Wreath

  • $109.95
    This decorative wreath delivers a rich mix of botanical beauty and fragrance to your home. Handmade on a family-owned farm, the wreath combines the lovely green hues of bay leaves, salal, savory and marjoram with white hydrangea and purple oregano for a complementary color combination that enhances any room. Crafted of fresh hydrangea, bay leaves, Santa Cruz oregano, salal, savory and marjoram. Herbs are for decorative use only. All herbs and botanicals are grown without pesticides or herbicides. Handmade on a family farm in California.
  • $89.95
    Lavender evokes images of fields in Provence and gardens in California's wine country. Add beautifully gnarled olive trees to those sunny Mediterranean landscapes and nothing could be finer. Our wreath combines the purple flowers of lavender with the grey-green leaves of olive branches to create a charming arrangement that brings a breath of fresh air to your mantel or front door. Assembled by hand from fresh olive leaves and dried lavender flowers. Grown without herbicides or pesticides. For decorative use only. Protect from weather. Made in USA.
  • $79.95
    Lacy dried artemisia mingles with fresh silver-dollar eucalyptus in our natural wreath, creating an elegant combination of textures and hues. Drying beautifully over time, the California-grown botanicals will last for 6–12 months. Handcrafted from California-grown fresh silver-dollar eucalyptus and dried artemisia. All botanicals are grown without herbicides or pesticides. Natural twig base. For indoor or outdoor display; protect from elements if used outdoors. With proper care, this wreath can be enjoyed for 6–12 months. Made in USA.
  • $74.95
    A modern mix of leafy greens and air-dried botanicals, this bountiful wreath brings the beauty of the great outdoors into every home. Hand assembled by highly skilled artisans in Washington state, it's crafted of locally grown botanicals – all carefully dried to preserve their natural beauty – in an appealing palate of green, yellow and cream. Botanicals include: salal, yarrow, strawflowers, poppy pods, echinops, pearly everlasting, green wheat and millet. Grown without pesticides or herbicides. For indoor display only.
  • $69.95 $149.95
    With a palette of lavender, purple, green, blue and yellow, this dried wreath calls to mind classic impressionist paintings, which strove to capture the momentary and fleeting effect of our natural world. Hand assembled of air-dried botanicals, it provides an elegant addition to the home. Handcrafted from air-dried larkspur, lavender, echinops, oregano, avena, pearly everlasting, ammobium and yarrow. All botanicals are grown without herbicides or pesticides. Protect from weather. Made in USA.
  • $79.95
    Inspired by paintings of blooming flower fields, our handcrafted wreath is brightened with the rich colors of an artist's palette. Set against a verdant backdrop of woodland ferns and salal, the orange safflowers; yellow yarrow; and violet and blue larkspur, statice and Echinops pop. White everlasting and grey artemisia soften the vibrant colors of the other botanicals. All botanicals are grown without pesticides or herbicides. Display indoors or outdoors in sheltered area. Made in USA.
  • $99.95
    A symbol of hope and transformation, proteas are showcased in our long-lasting, sculptural wreath. An array of botanicals, including Mountain Mint, Avena, Quail Brush, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus and Sunset Protea are grown, harvested and dried by local farmers in California and Washington, then hand arranged by artisans on a sturdy metal ring. Pesticide- and herbicide-free. Handcrafted in Washington State. For indoor or sheltered outdoor display only.
  • $79.95 $149.95
    An artful assemblage of wild branches and leaves, this tonal wreath makes a graceful statement on the front door. Olive branches and leaves—traditional floral symbols of peace—are intermingled with curly willow branches, fragrant eucalyptus and fir leaves, to create this all-natural design. The herbicide-free botanicals are grown on the West Coast and are harvested and assembled into wreaths by hand. Botanicals include: olive branches and leaves, fir leaves, eucalyptus leaves and curly willow branches. Botanicals are grown without pesticides or herbicides. Some materials may be substituted due to seasonality of plants. For decorative use only. Protect from weather.