Fondue Kit

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    Registrant: We'll send you a gift (a $110 value) when purchases of All-Clad items from your Registry total $800 or more.  Enter Online A spectacular piece for entertaining, All-Clad's fondue pot is equipped with a stovetop-safe cast-aluminum insert that offers the convenience of cooking and serving a fondue all in the same pot. The base is designed for maximum stability, and the included extra-long forks rest securely in the slotted rim. Crafted of 18/10 stainless steel with an aluminum base for efficient, uniform heating. Removable cast-aluminum insert offers stovetop convenience and lets you heat cheese and chocolate without scorching. Use pot without insert for cooking meat in oil. Sturdy stand holds a burner (fuel not included) and provides stability. Includes 8 color-coded stainless-steel forks and secure fitting lid.
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    Enjoy the ultimate fondue parties with this innovative set. Great for both savory and sweet fondues, the electric pot has a built-in heating element with an adjustable thermostat for precise control. Count on it for everything from classic cheese and chocolate fondues to oil- and broth-based fondues. Adjustable temperature probe with eight settings. Fondue pot has a nonstick interior for easy cleaning. Includes eight fondue forks and a stainless-steel fork ring. Easy-to-follow recipes are also included. Fondue pot is dishwasher safe.
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    Inspired by the centuries-old tradition of Swiss cheese and wine fondue, this Staub fondue pot is made of enameled cast iron to keep its contents warm and melted until the last guest leaves. Made exclusively for Williams Sonoma in France, this fondue set includes four dipping forks and a sturdy cast-iron stand. 2-qt. cap. fondue pot is ideal for cheese, meat and chocolate fondue. Heavyweight enameled cast iron transfers and retains heat evenly. Multicoat enameling creates a glossy, vibrantly colored "majolique" finish that resembles fine ceramics. Enameled red exterior and white interior is a Williams-Sonoma exclusive. Four stainless-steel forks have color-coded wooden handles. Cast-iron stand elevates fondue pot above burner for gentle warming. Chromed stainless-steel burner uses gel fuel (not included).  
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    Originating in the Alps, cheese fondue made use of ingredients readily available during the cold winter months – namely cheese, wine and coarse peasant bread. A crowd pleaser any time of year, our trio of European cheeses can be enjoyed separately or melted together for a unique balance of nutty, savory and buttery flavors. Simply melt in a fondue pot with dry white wine and serve with cubes of fresh, crusty bread – or add boiled potatoes, cornichons and sliced ham for an authentic Swiss experience. Emmental: Traditional Swiss cheese produced in the central cantons of Switzerland, with a fresh, sharp flavor and nutty finish. (8 oz.) Fontina: A grand, robust cheese with an assertive flavor and pungent aroma that make it a celebrated product of Italy's Val d'Aosta. (8 oz.) Gruyère 1655: Named for the year the name "Gruiere" was first recorded, this Medaille d'Or award-winning cow's milk cheese is distinguished by its fresh creamy blast, bright fruity flavor and deep, structured nuttiness. (8 oz.) 1 lb. 8 oz. total. Shipped chilled. Made in Switzerland and Italy.
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    Crafted in France since 1830, Mauviel’s culinary legacy spans more than 175 years, making their trademark cookware a favorite in leading restaurants and home kitchens worldwide. Mauviel cookware is made of copper, a material prized for its unsurpassed ability to transfer heat quickly, distribute it evenly and cool rapidly. Polished to a gleaming finish, this set is designed for both sweet and savory fondues. Heavy-gauge 2mm copper for superior heat conductivity and temperature control. Tin interior is nonreactive and easy to clean. Bronze and copper base is fitted with a stainless steel burner that allows adjustment to the flame (fuel not included). Includes 6 fondue forks with wooden handles that have a different colored dot on the top for easy identification. Riveted bronze handles.
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    The Dutch company Boska has been making its fondue pots since 1896. Their ceramic mini fondue is perfect for sharing a quick fondue or tabletop tapas for two. Dunk rustic bread into melted cheese, swirl fruit in chocolate or enjoy a breakfast fondue of waffles dipped in warm syrup. 6 3/4-oz. cap. Red ceramic fondue pot with rubberwood base. Includes two stainless-steel fondue forks with wood handles. Microwavable pot makes it easy to melt chocolate or cheese. Tea light not included.
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    A handsome standby for serving memorable meals, this complete fondue set features an earthenware pot with an integrated burner and solid oak base. Ideal for savory or dessert fondue, for a special occasion or for everyday fun, this set provides the perfect opportunity to bring friends and family together. Durable earthenware pot heats cheese, oil and chocolate without scorching. Sturdy oak stand holds an integrated burner (fuel not included) and provides stability. Includes 4 stainless-steel forks with oak handles.
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    Destined to be the centerpiece of your most special events, this grandly sized pot serves a memorable fondue feast. Use it for holiday open houses, bridal showers, anniversary parties – any time a crowd gathers in celebration. The pot arrives in a handsome wooden storage crate, perfect for gifting and for easy storage between occasions. Durable 1-qt. earthenware pot heats an impressive amount of cheese, oil or chocolate. Sturdy oak stand holds three integrated burners (fuel not included) and provides stability. Includes 12 stainless-steel forks with oak handles.