Electric Knife Sharpener

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    Sharpen your German and Asian cutlery with a single easy-to-use appliance. Exclusive to Williams Sonoma, this versatile sharpener sets a razor-sharp edge on any knife, including santoku, straight-edged, serrated and single-bevel blades as well as cleavers and pocket knives. Sharpens any knife, including santoku, straight-edged, serrated and single-bevel blades as well as cleavers and pocket knives. Two separate diamond-abrasive slots sharpen and hone German knives at a 20-degree angle, Asian knives at a 15-degree angle. Third slot holds a polishing disk that smooths and sharpens the edge. Durable brushed-stainless-steel exterior. A Williams Sonoma exclusive.
  • Sugg. Price $105 Our Price $79.95
    This professional knife sharpener sharpens both straight-edge and serrated Western-style knives in a matter of minutes. As compact as it is efficient, the high-performance electric sharpener uses an advanced two-stage process to guarantee precision results. Designed for use with German knives. State-of-the-art two-stage sharpening creates “gothic arch” shaped edges, which are stronger and longer lasting than hollow-ground or conventional “V” edges. Stage one sharpens with 100% fine diamond abrasives; stage two finely hones edges using advanced micron-size 100% diamond technology. The precisely formed conical diamond abrasive disks gently apply optimal sharpening pressure, so edges stay in perfect temper. Precision guides automatically position and stabilize the knife during sharpening, ensuring fast, foolproof results. This versatile machine is ideal for sharpening all types of knives, including kitchen, household, sporting and pocket knives. Can be used to sharpen both straight and serrated knives.
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    A major breakthrough in sharpening technology, this award-winning design provides all your sharpening options in one compact appliance. It professionally sharpens, steels or strops all brands and types of kitchen knives--straight-edge, serrated, Asian-style—as well as sports and pocket knives. Three-stage electric sharpener obtains a "better than factory" edge quickly and effortlessly. Stage 1: using 100% diamond abrasives, sharpens the edge. Stage 2: a super-hardened miniature steel develops a shaving-sharp edge with ultra-sharp microscopic teeth, providing a superior edge "bite." Stage 3: a revolutionary flexible stropping disk polishes the edge to hair-splitting sharpness. Using these stages in different combinations produces custom edges suited to particular cutting tasks. User-friendly angle guides guarantee foolproof sharpening. Assembled in USA.
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    Special Offer: Receive a $25 Willliams-Sonoma Gift Card with your purchase of Wüsthof cutlery. Print Coupon Registrant: Receive a free gift when you add qualifying Wüsthof products to your registry. Print Coupon The result of special partnership between Wusthof and Chef’sChoice, this electric three-stage sharpener is designed to maintain the unique edge angle of Wusthof’s Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) blades. The cutting discs sharpen, hone and strop your Wusthof blades to keep each knife performing like new. Specially designed to maintain the edge of Wusthof’s Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) non-serrated blades. Each of the three slots performs an essential step in the three-part process of maintaining a kitchen knife properly: sharpening, honing and stropping. First two stages sharpen and hone using 100% diamond-coated abrasive disks. Final stage uses flexible stropping disks for a finished polish.
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    Restore Japanese-style kitchen knives to prime 16-degree sharpness in just minutes with the Kai Electric Cube Sharpener. From the makers of Shun cutlery, this easy-to-use sharpener takes up very little space on counters and in cabinets. Sharpens fine, double-bevel cutlery with a 16-degree angle on each side. White Alundum whetstone sharpens quickly and easily. Sharpening slot guides you to the correct sharpening angle. Finishing stone removes the burr for a smooth, clean edge. Anti-slip rubber pads add stability on smooth surfaces. Ideal for stainless-steel, carbon-steel and clad-steel knives, as well as Shun's proprietary composite-blade knives. Not suitable for single-bevel, ceramic, serrated or titanium knives, or scissors.