Deep Soup Bowls

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    Reminiscent of the rustic tableware you'd find in a French farmhouse kitchen, our double-handled bowls are crafted of hearty stoneware and hand dipped in glaze. Sized for generous portions, the heat-retaining bowls help keep soup, chowder and chili deliciously warm until the last spoonful. Made of durable stoneware. Hand-dipped glaze is accented with rustic rim. Stoneware absorbs heat to help food stay hot at the table. Microwavable and dishwasher safe. Set of four.
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    California artists have crafted unique ceramics for over a century, producing their colorful, casual wares in studios up and down the coast. Our Pacifica collection celebrates this heritage, crafted in classic stoneware, relaxed coupe shapes in a sun-kissed palette. Vibrant, durable and generously sized, these soup bowls are outfitted with double handles for safe, seamless travel from the stovetop to the table. Crafted of durable stoneware. Microwavable and dishwasher safe. Made in Portugal. Set of four.
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    This elegant porcelain bowl reflects a design that has graced tables for centuries. Because it's crafted from porcelain, it holds heat exceptionally well, keeping soup at the proper temperature. The bowl is made by Apilco, France's premier producer of restaurant-quality porcelain products. Made of high-fired porcelain. Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Made in France.
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    Inspired by a Chi’ing Dynasty porcelain service, Blue Lace features delicate, deep-blue lacework rims with teardrop borders and fillets of hand-painted 22-karat gold. For all its elegant detail, the rim has the subtlety of a solid color and makes the soup plate easy to pair with other patterned dinnerware. Each piece is beautifully handcrafted of white porcelain and hand glazed by the artisans of Mottahedeh, a company dedicated to reproducing treasured antique patterns since the 1950s. Made of high-fired porcelain. Dishwasher safe on delicate cycle. Made in Portugal. All pieces sold individually.

Deep Soup Bowls for Hearty Meals

Serve the heartiest of soups when you select deep soup bowls for your tabletop. These bowls come in a variety of silhouettes and sizes, just like any soup bowl, but are defined by a deeper bowl that allows for larger serving sizes or heartier soups and stews that contain more ingredients. Check out styles that have wide rims for serving bread with your soup or discover a tureen style that invites an extra serving of French onion or other thick or layered soups. Pair your deep soup bowls with dinnerware from the same collection or make a special set of a look you love that you use just for warming meals.

Sizing Your Soup Bowls

Many people choose soup bowls based on depth. The traditional soup bowl is a couple of inches deep, enough to use a ladle to share one serving at a time. The bowls often have rims for bread.

  • Deep soup bowls include an extra couple of inches that allow you to dole out two servings at once or enjoy a layer of cheese or croutons on top of your soup with room left over for scooping.
  • When you select deeper bowls, the rims may still be the same size. This is because soup bowl rims are already wide. They're meant to hold chunks of bread to dip in your soup or stew.
  • If you're used to tureen-style bowls, you already know how great a deep soup bowl is. These bowls often have handles on the side that let you carry the bowl from cooktop or countertop to table.

Soup Bowls for All Courses

Once you discover soup bowls you love, you may want to start using them for all courses and maybe even all meals. They're a simple way to make a meal feel intimate and warm, no matter what you serve.

  • In the mornings, oatmeal, cereal or yogurt parfaits with lots of mix-ins make interesting use of these bowls. The serving size is just right for a tasty start to your day.
  • At lunch, soup on its own is often a delicious way to take a mid-day break. You can also enjoy soup with a sandwich by pairing your soup bowl with a salad plate that fits a half or whole sandwich or panini you make fresh with your own press for a gourmet experience.
  • During dinner, the soup course is traditional with a formal meal. Take out your soup bowls for fine dining at home, holiday meals or other celebratory dinners.

Enjoy all you can do with deep soup bowls and bring creativity and versatility to your meals.