Creme Brulee Pan

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    Perfect for year-round celebrations, our crème brûlée set makes it easy to prepare the classic French dessert. Bake the custard base using four ceramic ramekins, which fit perfectly in the included steel pan and rack. A small butane torch lets you finish the dessert with the signature hard caramelized top. Set includes pan, interior rack, four ramekins and torch. Aluminum steel pan provides even heat distribution. Interior steel rack keeps ceramic ramekins in place. Easy-to-use handheld torch produces concentrated heat. Pan, rack and ramekins are dishwasher safe.
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    Using the right ramekin is key to creating spectacular crème brûlée. The choice of professional pastry chefs, our porcelain ramekin from Apilco has wide, shallow proportions that ensure even cooking of the custard without overbaking, and create a large surface area for expertly caramelized crust. Crafted in France from durable white porcelain, it has traditional fluted edges for appealing presentation. Made of high-fired porcelain. Microwavable; oven and dishwasher safe. Made by Apilco, France's leading porcelain manufacturer.
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    Perfectly shaped for making the classic crème brulee, our wide, shallow ramekin is also well suited to clafouti, macaroni and cheese and other sweet and savory dishes. Produced in France by Apilco, supplier of fine porcelain to restaurants since 1906, it’s chip resistant as well as freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Create Decadent Desserts With a Creme Brulee Pan

With a creme brulee pan from Williams Sonoma, your quest to make this delicious dessert will be easier than ever. This collection features an array of must-have pieces for creating creme brulee. Whether you want to invest in a complete set or simply want to add some souffle dishes to your collection of bakeware, you can find the pieces you need in this collection. So, explore these creme brulee tools and accessories and you'll be creating creme brulee at home in no time. First, learn more about the items in this collection.

Creme Brulee Sets

Perhaps you've never tried to make creme brulee and you don't have any of the right tools to create this dessert. A creme brulee set will be the right choice for you. This collection includes different sets, so learn more about what's included to find one that suits your needs.

First, you can find a set that includes a steel pan, rack and four ramekins for perfectly baking your custard. The aluminum steel pan ensures even heat distribution so that your creme brulee cooks evenly. Place each of the four ramekins into the rack so that they don't shift during baking. The handheld torch provides the finishing touch to your set, allowing you to add the finishing touch to this classic French dessert.

Another set includes four Burgundian clay dishes that make baking the custard simple. These ceramic dishes heat evenly for uniform baking. Plus, they retain heat well, which means you can keep your dessert warm long after it comes out of the oven. These ceramic dishes feature a hand-applied red glaze that holds up well. This set also includes an easy-to-use torch, which has a simple on button and a knob for adjusting gas level and flame size.

Other Accessories

If you already have some creme brulee tools and accessories, you might just need to upgrade to enhance your set. In that case, you have several items in this collection to consider. A wide, shallow souffle dish is ideal for making creme brulee. Choose from three sizes of souffle dishes. These dishes are convenient safe for use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. You can also find high-fired porcelain ramekins, which are shallow enough that your custard will bake evenly and thoroughly. These dishes are also oven-, microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

You probably have many baking tools on hand, from a mixer and utensils to mixing bowls. Now, you can upgrade your collection for specialty desserts like creme brulee. Pick up a creme brulee pan and accessories from Williams Sonoma to create a dessert the whole family will enjoy.