Ceramic Food Containers

  • Sugg. Price $99.95 Our Price $79.96
    Our classic white stoneware canisters are decorated with the gleam of metallic accents. Their clean style works equally well in traditional and contemporary kitchens. Made of stoneware, a durable high-fired ceramic that resists chipping. White glaze finish. Lid handle and base made from zinc alloy. Set of three canisters in graduated sizes from 1 1/2-qt. to 2 1/2-qt. cap., one of each size.
  • Sugg. Price $59.95 $309.95 Sale $47.99 $309.95
    Hand painted with cherry blossoms, imperial chrysanthemums, graceful vines and ornate borders, our lidded canisters lend elegant display to everyday storage. The high-fired porcelain is glazed for a watertight finish, and a different cobalt-and-white motif embellishes each size. Crafted of high-fired porcelain. Hand painted in traditional cobalt blue and white. Each size features a different traditional design. Variations inherent in handcrafting make each piece unique. Set of 3 includes small, medium and large canisters.
  • Sugg. Price $39.95 $149.85 Our Price $31.96 $139.95
    Vintage Italian dinnerware inspired the vibrant patterns on these colorful canisters. Perfect for storing sugar, flour, coffee and more, each one is made of durable stoneware with hand-painted motifs and a clear glazed finish. A delicate brushstroke surface adds unique texture and character to each piece.   Crafted of durable stoneware. Hand painted and finished with a clear glaze. Each size canister has a different pattern.

Organizing Kitchen Countertops with Ceramic Food Containers

In a busy kitchen, it's important to keep the countertops clear and organized. Storing often-used food items in an easily accessible spot also helps improve the flow of the workspace. Ceramic food containers from Williams Sonoma help to meet both of these requirements at once. These stylish containers take up very little room on the countertop but can store and organize a large number of baking ingredients and other food items. They're also a great choice for organizing kitchen cupboards, pantries or kitchen wall shelves.

Ceramic Food Containers: Key Details

Ceramic countertop containers are a top choice for organizing dry goods in the kitchen. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also come with a variety of key characteristics which increase their usefulness.

  • These containers are food safe and suitable for storing dry goods like sugar, flour, coffee, cookies and more.
  • They are crafted of durable ceramic materials like stoneware and porcelain.
  • The canisters are finished with a clear glaze for a glossy finish. The glaze also adds a layer of protection to the ceramic and resists chipping.
  • A matching lid is included to keep baking ingredients and food items fresh.
  • Many of these lids also come with a knob so they are easy to lift. This makes it quick and simple to access your ingredients as you cook.
  • Small, medium and large sizes are available separately or in sets of three to suit a variety of kitchen needs.

Additional Ceramic Kitchen Organizers

In addition to food-safe storage containers, there are many other ceramic countertop storage solutions available to help you organize your kitchen surfaces. Ceramic is also a great material for kitchen tools like nonstick pots and pans, baking dishes, cake pans and much more. Mix-and-match different ceramic organizers and tools to create a coordinated look in your kitchen.

  • Ceramic utensil crocks are similar in shape to food containers but feature an open top to hold long utensils like tongs, spatulas and serving spoons.
  • Ceramic paper towel holders look pretty on your countertop and help you to keep your paper towels handy for easy cleanup.
  • Keeping a ceramic spoon rest near the oven gives you a place to set used utensils down as you cook.
  • A ceramic bread box also coordinates well with ceramic food storage containers and keeps bread fresh.
  • Transferring your spices to matching small ceramic spice holders is an easy way to upgrade your spice cupboard.
  • Ceramic countertop trays look great next to food storage containers and can be used to organize any clutter on your kitchen surfaces.

Save time while cooking or baking by storing your in-demand ingredients right on your countertop. Ceramic food containers from Williams Sonoma are durable, food-safe and come in a variety of sizes and stylish color options to suit any kitchen. If you have a different look in mind, many Williams Sonoma glass containers and stainless steel containers are also suitable for food storage.