Butane For Kitchen Torch

  • $49.95
    Give classic crème brûlée its signature caramelized topping using our kitchen torch – a compact version of the ones used by pastry chefs. Its adjustable flame also comes in handy for melting grated cheese and browning meringues and the tops of tarts. Built-in gauge displays the fuel level. Includes a storage stand and recipe. Uses a standard butane canister (not included). A Williams Sonoma exclusive.
  • $79.95
    Perfect for year-round celebrations, our crème brûlée set makes it easy to prepare the classic French dessert. Bake the custard base using four ceramic ramekins, which fit perfectly in the included steel pan and rack. A small butane torch lets you finish the dessert with the signature hard caramelized top. Set includes pan, interior rack, four ramekins and torch. Aluminum steel pan provides even heat distribution. Interior steel rack keeps ceramic ramekins in place. Easy-to-use handheld torch produces concentrated heat. Pan, rack and ramekins are dishwasher safe.

Bake Like a Pro Chef With a Butane for Kitchen Torch

If you love to prep, bake and create fabulous and fancy desserts such as meringues and crème brûlée, yet always wished you could replicate the crispy, caramelized topping, then you should consider a butane for kitchen torch to help you do just that. Along with many great tools and gadgets for food prep, cooking and baking, Williams Sonoma offers this specialty torch especially designed to give scrumptious desserts that final flourish they're well known for. This butane for kitchen torch also comes in handy for melting purposes - such as grated cheese - skipping the longer, more traditional methods. A high-quality baking tool, this torch also makes a great gift for the culinary aficionado in your life. Read on to learn more about this handy gadget and more from Williams Sonoma.

Butane for Kitchen Torch: Uses and Features

Our exclusive kitchen torch from Williams Sonoma is crafted from durable stainless steel and comes with a built-in fuel level gauge, storage stand and handy recipe. Its simple hand-held design - complete with safety lock - allows you to control directionality and torch level with a simple twist, thanks to a built-in dial. Just some of the lovely creations you can use this torch to perfect include:

  • Crème brûlée caramelized topping
  • Meringue topping for pies and cakes
  • Toasting marshmallows for smores
  • Melting cheese for appetizers or toasties

Make the Perfect Dessert With a Set

We've also got a crème brûlée set which includes four ramekins, a specialty pan complete with customized racks as well as the butane kitchen torch to create the signature caramelized hardtop this dessert is so well known for. This specialty set makes a great gift for new homeowners or newlyweds who are eager to show off their new surroundings with a fun dinner party featuring one of France's most beloved desserts. The tray, rack and ramekins are also dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

Recreate a Specialty In Your Own Home

Why go out for a fancy dinner when you can create classic crème brûlée right at home with a butane for kitchen torch from Williams Sonoma. It also makes an extra-special gift for the budding chef or veteran culinary master - hopefully they'll invite you over to experience the results!

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