Black Salt

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    Prized for its dramatic color and delicate briny flavor, our black salt comes from the Hawaiian islands. It's made by bonding crystals of local white sea salt to purified lava rock and activated charcoal, a proven digestive. Use it as a finishing touch for seafood, sushi, salads, tropical fruits and more. 9 oz. (255g) Made in USA.
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    This distinctive artisan sea salt gets its rich, savory character and dramatic coloration from black garlic. It starts with hand-gathered water from Oregon's Netarts Bay, slowly evaporated until it forms light, crisp salt crystals with a delicate mineral flavor. The shimmering white salt is infused with umami-rich black garlic, creating a memorable finishing touch for all sorts of foods – from colorful salads and vegetables to appetizers, sushi and grilled fish. 3.5 oz. Made in USA.
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    This luxurious truffle salt is destined to become your new secret ingredient, transforming even the simplest dishes into something spectacular. For intense, earthy flavor, artisans blend Sicilian sea salt with bits of aromatic Italian black summer truffles. Use the rich, fragrant salt as a finishing touch for all sorts of foods—from seared steaks and roasted potatoes to grilled burgers and fries. For an unforgettable snack, sprinkle truffle salt on hot buttered popcorn. The premium salt comes to us from Ian Purkayastha of Regalis Foods, a top purveyor of rare truffles and authentic truffle condiments for Michelin-starred chefs around the world. 3.54 oz. Made in Italy.
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    Oregon's legendary Jacobsen Sea Salt Co. partnered with the world's top salt makers to bring you this signature sampler. Showcasing distinctive flavors and artisan traditions from around the world, it makes a great gift for any food lover. Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt: The unique color of this sea salt comes from alae, a mineral-rich red clay that forms naturally between layers of lava. Use the crystals to add a rich, earthy flavor to grilled seafood, meats, poultry and veggies. Flower of Bali: Geometric sea salt crystals from Bali have a mild flavor that makes them an ideal pairing for a wide variety of foods – from grilled steak, roasted vegetables and baked potatoes to rich chocolate cakes and buttery caramels. French Sel Gris: Known in France as sel gris , this sea salt derives its grey color from the natural clays at the bottom of salt ponds off the French Atlantic coast. Pair it with richly flavored foods – from beef, lamb and poultry to artisan cheeses. Guatemalan Fleur de Sel: Hand harvested from the same sea water that ancient Mayans used to craft their own salt, these salt crystals are great for finishing everything from salads and vegetables to grilled meats, chicken and seafood. Himalayan Pink Salt: Jacobsen's sparkling pink rock salt is mined from the foothills of the Himalayas. Use the bright, delicate salt crystals as an all-purpose seasoning – ideal for cooking, baking and seasoning foods at the table. Hiwa Kai Black Lava Salt: Sea salt is blended with pure activated charcoal to create beautiful black flakes with a briny, mineral-rich flavor. For a dramatic finish, sprinkle them over everything from salads, pasta and veggies to tropical fruits. Peruvian Pink Salt: These shimmering crystals come from mineral-rich salt ponds in the Peruvian Andes. Use this medium-grained salt as a finishing touch for everything from grilled meats and veggies to homemade confections and roasted nuts. Trapani Italian Sea Salt: This flavorful sea salt is hand harvested from traditional open-air salt ponds in Sicily. The resulting white crystals are fine-grained, with a bright, delicate flavor that makes this a great multipurpose kitchen salt. Set includes eight vials of salt, one of each variety. 3.48 oz. total. Made in USA, Bali, France, Guatemala, Pakistan, Peru and Italy.
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    Inspire your favorite cooks to explore an exciting new world of flavors with this artisan set, showcasing a dozen custom Oregon sea salt blends from Jacobsen Salt Co. Each variety begins with hand-gathered water from Netarts Bay, slowly evaporated until it forms light, delicate salt crystals. A creative gift for any food lover, the impressive boxed set includes everything from distinctive herb, citrus and chile salts to aromatic pinot noir and delicate vanilla salts (see More Info tab for details). Includes 12 vials, one of each flavor. 4.23 oz. total. Made in USA.
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    Capturing the seductive earthy character of Italian black truffles, this specialty salt from Italy will soon become one of your most frequently used ingredients. Its richly nuanced flavor enhances everything from grilled meats and roasted potatoes to scrambled eggs and buttered popcorn. Sea salt is blended with a generous amount of Italy's fresh black summer truffles from Abruzzi. Sprinkle on foods as a finishing touch before serving. 3.5-oz. jar. Made in Italy.
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    Explore an exciting new world of flavors with our tasting sampler of custom Oregon sea salt blends from Jacobsen Salt Co. Each flavor begins with hand-gathered water from Netarts Bay, slowly evaporated until it forms light, delicate salt crystals. The salt is blended with spices, herbs or other natural ingredients to create these six savory seasonings, all arranged in a wooden storage rack: Sweet Onion: Small bits of onion boost this salt's flavor, which complements grilled steak, chicken and veggies as well as Bloody Marys. Habanero: This blend of salt crystals and fiery habanero chilies adds vibrant color and a bold, spicy kick to Latin-inspired dishes and cocktails. Garlic: Infused with garlic, this salt is a natural for seasoning pasta, risotto, garlic bread, French fries, popcorn and more. Basil: The bright herbal flavor of fresh basil shines in this subtle seasoning ideal for salads, vegetables and pasta. Black Pepper Salt: All-in-one seasoning combines sea salt flakes,kosher salt and freshly ground Tellicherry peppercorns. Pure Flake Finishing Salt: Large, coarse flakes with a beautiful sheen and complex flavor—sprinkle on foods right before serving. Six .8-oz. vials, one of each flavor (4.8 oz. total). Includes Jacobsen wooden rack for displaying the salts. Made in USA.
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    Our delicious versatile blend makes seasoning everything from fish and chicken to veggies and salads easy. Simply twist the top of the jar and enjoy freshly ground kosher salt, black pepper and a hint of garlic. 7.4 oz. Made in USA.
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    The best meals begin with quality ingredients, like salt and pepper, oil and vinegar and savory seasonings. We've gathered our most versatile pantry essentials to create a truly useful gift that's sure to be savored for months to come. A thoughtful gift for housewarming gatherings, newlyweds, budding cooks and seasoned chefs alike, the set includes: Williams Sonoma House Olive Oil: Smooth and buttery extra-virgin olive oil made from 100% California-grown late-harvest Arbequina olives. (6.8 fl. oz.) Williams Sonoma House Balsamic: Smooth, tangy balsamic crafted in Modena, Italy from the juice of white Trebbiano grapes and aceto balsamico , aged for up to 18 years. (12.7 fl. oz.) Coarse Brazilian Sea Salt: Mineral-rich sea salt hand harvested from the waters off the coast of Brazil. (2.4 oz.) 5-Pepper Blend Peppercorns: Black, white, pink and green peppercorns with fragrant Jamaican allspice to add aromatic flavor to soups, brines, marinades and meats. (2.4 oz.) Lemon Herb Seasoning: Fragrant blend of sea salt, lemon peel, garlic, onion and aromatic herbs. (2.4 oz.) Made in USA and Italy.