All Clad Crepe Pan

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    Calphalon and Williams Sonoma collaborated to create the Elite cookware collection, taking nonstick performance to a new level. The cookware is specially designed so metal utensils won't compromise its durable, triple-layer nonstick interior. This crepe pan's textured surface and shallow, sloping sides release omelettes effortlessly, while the companion butter warmer features a pouring lip on either side. The butter warmer is perfect for melting and serving butter, warming syrup and heating sauces. Calphalon Elite cookware is PFOA-free, dishwasher safe and available only at Williams Sonoma. Premium hard-anodized aluminum ensures excellent heat conduction and uniform cooking and won't discolor or fade. Triple-layer nonstick surface is durable enough to withstand metal whisks, spoons and spatulas. Textured Sear Nonstick interior seals in flavor when browning or searing foods. Polished stainless-steel handles are triple riveted for extra strength. Ergonomically shaped handle offers a secure grip and comfortable lifting. Crepe pan is also ideal for sautéing vegetables, chicken, breakfast sausages and more. Made in USA.
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    We engineered this commercial-quality crepe pan for high-performance cooking with little to no oil. It features an exceptionally durable ceramic nonstick coating inside and out so delicate crepes cook to a tender, even finish with effortless release and quick, easy cleanup. 9 3/4" diam., 2 3/4" high. PFOA-free ceramic nonstick coating resists scratches and stains. Aluminum core conducts heat quickly and evenly with precise temperature control and no hot spots. Stainless-steel induction base prevents warping and ensures top performance. Limited lifetime warranty. Made in France.
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    Our set helps you turn out perfectly light, tender crepes in no time. The de Buyer blue-steel crepe pan – a favorite of French chefs – comes with a tin of Williams Sonoma Crepe Mix, so you can get the batter just right every time. Set includes 9 1/2" crepe pan and Williams Sonoma Crepe Mix. Sloped sides facilitate flipping and removing crepes. Uptilted riveted iron handle is designed to help smoothly swirl batter and turn crepes. Solid blue-steel construction (requires seasoning before use). Crepe Mix: Made from premium ingredients; simply add eggs and water.
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    Prepare light, tender crepes like a pro. De Buyer's crepe pan, made of blue carbon steel, is the one preferred by master chefs for its ease in cooking and plating delicate crepes. It includes a wooden turner tool to help lift and turn crepes. Set includes 9 1/2" crepe pan and beechwood turner. Solid blue-steel construction with red painted handle. Low, sloped sides facilitate flipping and removing crepes. Uptilted riveted iron handle is designed to help smoothly swirl batter and turn crepes. Pan requires seasoning before use. Made in France.
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    Crafted of blue steel with an uptilted handle, this French pan – a design that's remained virtually unchanged since the early 17th century – is the key to turning out light, tender crepes. Sweet or savory, crepes transform any meal into a special occasion. 9 1/2" diam., 1" high. Solid blue steel construction. Sloped sides facilitate flipping and removing crepes. Uptilted riveted iron handle is designed to help smoothly swirl batter and turn crepes. Makes an 8" crepe. Requires seasoning. Made in France.
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    Featuring Scanpan's revolutionary PFOA-free nonstick finish, this shallow pan simplifies the task of flipping omelettes and crepes with no sticking. Cleanup is effortless, and the pan is safe for use with metal utensils. Scanpan Classic cookware combines eco-friendly recycled-aluminum construction with stay-cool Bakelite® handles. 10" diam., 3/4" high. Extra-thick base is pressure forged, ensuring even heat distribution and eliminating hot spots.  The perfectly flat base is guaranteed to never warp. 100% recycled aluminum construction. Five-layer Stratanium nonstick technology is PFOA-free, 50% more durable than prior Scanpan coatings and safe to use with metal utensils. The nonstick coating requires little to no oil, providing easy release and cleanup. Made in Denmark.
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    Crafted in France since 1830, Mauviel’s culinary legacy spans more than 175 years, making their trademark cookware a favorite in leading restaurants and home kitchens worldwide.  Mauviel cookware is made of copper, a material prized for its unsurpassed ability to transfer heat quickly, distribute it evenly and cool rapidly. Polished to a gleaming finish, this pan has low sides that make it easy to flip authentic French-style crepes. Heavy-gauge 2mm copper for superior heat conductivity and temperature control. Stainless-steel interior is nonreactive and easy to clean. Low, sloped sides facilitate flipping and removing crepes. Long riveted bronze handle keeps hands well away from the heat.

Make Perfect Meals With an All-Clad Crepe Pan

If specialty cooking is your thing and having a piece of cookware built for a specific dish is a must-have, then you - or the culinary master in your life - should consider a crepe pan. Made specifically for crepes, this smaller version of a regular fry pan is made by renowned cookware manufacturer All-Clad, synonymous with high-quality and durable design.

Thinner than pancakes, crepes still pack a lot of punch when they're stuffed with savory or sweet fillings such as seafood and cream sauce, or for a breakfast treat complete with berries and whipped cream. Keep reading to discover the great uses of this handy pan and how it can become your next kitchen essential.

Features of an All-Clad Crepe Pan

If you're wondering why this pan is so great for making crepes, here are some interesting features that make its design ideal for cooking of some of the yummiest creations around.

  • Sloped sides. Sloped sides allow for easy flipping and serving, as the sides work to gently release and transfer crepe to plate.
  • Riveted handle. An ergonomically-friendly handle helps to lift and flip crepes as well as easily swirl batter.
  • Nonstick coating. Cut down on oil and butter with a nonstick coating that's designed to minimize fat for healthier cooking.
  • Aluminum core. This pan's precise temperature control helps maintain regular and even heat conductivity so as not to burn your delicate crepe.

Kinds of All-Clad Crepe Pans

Here's just a few of the crepe pans offered in our selection that boast little extras to make them stand out from the rest:

  • Crepe Pan & Mix Set. Easily whip up a batch of amazing crepes with this specialty pan and accompanying crepe mix for a fuss-free cooking experience.
  • Crepe Pan & Butter Warmer Set. This pan comes with a butter warmer set complete with small spout that's perfect for stovetop-to-table transfer of warm butter, sauces and syrups.
  • Copper Crepe Pan. If you love the stunning sheen of copper, then this pan's a must. The copper allows for quick heat-up while the stainless steel interior is designed for easy clean and care.

Not just for crepes! If you love this French creation but can't justify buying a single pan devoted to it, think again. This little yet efficient pan is also perfect for sautéing everything from veggies to meats, eggs (think omelets) and seafood. We're sure this versatile crepe pan will become your next kitchen favorite. Bon Appetit!