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Valentine's Day Gifts for Everyone You Love

Valentine's Day gifts make it easy for a special someone to know how much you care about them--but what about everyone else you love? This year, let the spirit of the holiday overflow into your friendships and other relationships. Find Valentine's gifts that put a smile on everyone's face with Williams Sonoma's selection of cheerful tokens and high-quality mementos.

Find Presents for Your Favorite Baker

Valentine's Day gifts are all about the sweet stuff, so start shopping now for the ones who are always ready and waiting for you with a plate of cookies or tray of brownies.

  • Cooks' tools in a Valentine's motif, like tiny hearts, will give them the inspiration to whip up another bowl of batter.
  • Heart-shaped cookie cutters in a variety of sizes get everyone ready to fill up tins with tasty cookies.
  • For your partner or another dear friend or family member, splurge on small baking appliances, like stylish countertop pieces from Smeg.

Lavish Love on Your Friends

Whether you have a big date night planned or not, you still deserve to have an evening of Valentine's fun with your friends. Plan it for February 14 or nearby dates to include your social circle and friends of friends who love the day as much as you do.

  • Try a wine tasting with a few selections you've been interested in sampling for a while now. Use the occasion to stock up on stemware or bar tools.
  • Order lavish cakes with ornate floral icing, rich colors, velvety texture or layers of filling.
  • Decorate with flowers, wreaths, candles and more to make a night of friendship as special as a night of romance.
  • Even though throwing a party is a beautiful gift to friends, you can still share small tokens, too, if you like.

Cozy Up with Family

Give your family the gift of relaxation and quality time together this year. Give them Valentine's Day gifts like robes, slippers, throw blankets and more to make a night in that rivals any night out on the town. If you know everyone would love a trip to an ice cream parlor, the movies or a favorite restaurant, plan to cozy up afterward with books, games or at-home spa treatments.

Give Bright Red Valentine's Gifts

Don't forget to pick up a good array of bold red Valentine's gifts this year. The heartwarming color speaks to love, passion and, for many, good luck, so it's the perfect hue to share with everyone close to you.

  • Select a gorgeous Valentine's wreath in red coxcomb flowers, dried to show off the variants of the color.
  • Stack bright red boxes of chocolate near plates at mealtime, next to bedside tables, or present them directly with a card or a hug and a kiss.
  • Grab the housewares you know they covet in bright or dark reds. Kettles, pepper mills, mixing bowls and more are beautiful in red.

Approach this Valentine's Day with an open, loving heart and see where your generosity takes you.

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