Order a Willie Bird Turkey for Thanksgiving

Make this year's dinner fun, delicious and easy when you order a Willie Bird turkey for Thanksgiving. If you've usually done the roasting of the bird yourself, you know it can take up more than an entire day. That's a day that could be used for baking, mixing cocktails, cleaning--or maybe even socializing or relaxing. A Willie Bird Turkey is a tasty, succulent main course for your holiday dinner and any other gathering that deserves a big bird. Ranched in Sonoma County, California, these turkeys are marinated, brined and slow-smoked to perfection for your family's enjoyment. Order a Willie Bird turkey for Thanksgiving this year to see why these high-quality turkeys are so popular year after year.

Entertain at Home with Willie Bird

Entertaining at home can still be as glamorous or cozy as it always is when you order a Willie Bird turkey for Thanksgiving. These whole turkeys let you focus on decor, side dishes, cocktails, place settings, lighting and other aspects of a fun holiday meal.

  • Choose your turkey from a few different variants available for you to order. Then, use some of the time you saved to research and source rare wines that pair perfectly with the turkey style you selected.
  • Experiment with baking, including Bundt cakes with tons of dimension and remarkable silhouettes or making your bread by using proof bakers or a smart oven that includes a proofing function.
  • Spend time together as a family creating a decor scene that everyone will remember for years to come. Wow your guests with how beautiful your home looks upon their arrival.

Selecting The Right Turkey for Your Family

The turkey is still usually the star of the table in most homes, so take your time when you order a Willie Bird turkey for Thanksgiving. There are a few different choices, each as wonderful as the next, but with their own tasty characteristics.

  • The whole smoked turkey is always a winner, since it's slow-smoked and brined beforehand. Seasonings bring out the best in the bird and add new layers of flavor.
  • Preservative-free birds are available for those who like to eat clean and know what's in every meal. These turkeys are mild, moist and raised on natural grains.
  • Pre-roasted turkeys with the bone still within the meat get you more than halfway there. Pop the turkey into the oven and see if anyone even knows you didn't do all the work yourself.

This year promises to be magnificent when you order your turkey from Willie Bird through Williams Sonoma.