Go Modern with White Cookware

If you're looking for a quick, timeless way to update your kitchen aesthetic, go with white cookware and appliances. While the color is so ubiquitous as to seem essential, appointing the entire room in white elements and details creates an upscale feel you might not expect. The atmosphere is inspiring rather than sterile by ensuring your cookware is made of the finest enamels and stoneware, while electrics and appliances follow the silhouettes of the contemporary moment.

Look to brands like Le Creuset and Smeg to make this surprisingly inviting look your new reality. White cookware lends your kitchen decor a kick of unique style you'll love.

Keep It Simple with a White Kitchen

A white kitchen is stunning in its simplicity. While counters, cabinets and cooktops have been cropping up in snowy, cloud and dove whites for years, white cookware right now is unexpected and brave, showcasing your sauces, stews and sautés with incredible contrast.

  • The warmer whites are perfect for creating a country kitchen or farmhouse look. Pair these white tones with taupe highlights or a matte finish to modernize the style.
  • Cooler whites are trending, especially when paired with silvertone details, like lid knobs, stainless steel cooks tools and accents at the corners or controls of appliances.
  • Contrast the look with black for a style that comes off as cosmopolitan or country, depending on choices like linens, place settings and utensils.

White Ceramic Cookware and Other Materials

White ceramic cookware is another choice that's timeless in its appeal and thoroughly modern in application. Browse the exceptional range of bakeware and serving pieces that go from kitchen to table and back to kitchen to display prominently after clean-up and care.

  • Shop Le Creuset bakeware for one of the most popular names available. The enamel-coated cast iron is so long-lasting that these pieces often become heirlooms.
  • Look for on-trend elements, like the ruffled bakers of Emile Henry or trays and casserole dishes that showcase unique proportions or finishing details.
  • Covered dishes offer a vintage appeal that helps balance the forward-thinking aesthetic of an all-white kitchen.

White Cookware and Appliances To Get Now

If you're looking for an immediate change, there are a few pieces that you can bring home right now to start showing off a white kitchen. Check out the Smeg blender, a kettle by Le Creuset, the magnificently futuristic coffee maker by Technivorm and other pieces to highlight your new style.

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