Journey to Japan

World-renowned food. A signature shade of indigo blue.
Centuries of culinary traditions. There are so many reasons
to be inspired by Japan, and our newest collections bring the
best of them to life — and to your table. 


Healthy, Homemade Ramen

It’s the ultimate comfort food and, when made at home, a wholesome winter meal.

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Start with rich broth, add
fresh noodles and custom toppings.



Homemade Ramen  

The Sushi Guide

Think sushi is best left to the experts at the sushi restaurant? Think again.
Our sushi essentials help you master homemade rolls.

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From rice to rolling, these are the
techniques to master.



How to Make Sushi

The Best From Japan

Japanese chefs and artisans, known for their mastery and
dedication, spend decades perfecting their craft.


From world-class sushi to warm sweet
potatoes from sidewalk carts, these are the
must-try dishes for Tokyo tourists.



What to Eat in Tokyo

Authentic Japanese Pantry

Inspired by the bustling izakayas, serene sushi restaurants, and umami-rich ramen spots,
our new pantry essentials bring the fresh yet comforting flavors of Japan to your table.

The Japanese Table

Dinnerware collections pay homage to Japan’s traditional
designs and legendary cherry blossom season.