Excellent Gardening Gifts for Mom

Bring your mother joy this year with fantastic outdoor gifts she's going to love. Gardening gifts for Mom can range from the simple and elegant, like a ceramic plant marker, to the fully functional, like a finely crafted hand tool set for all her potting needs. Spruce up her special day and her home with botanicals galore when you explore Mother's Day garden gifts that encourage her to make the most of a wonderful hobby. From floral patterns to flowers in pots, everything you need to select gardening gifts for Mom is at Williams Sonoma.

Mother's Day Garden Gift Ideas

Choose Mother's Day gardening gifts that suit your mom's style. Some mothers love to be outside in the sunshine, puttering and potting and planting, while others love a polished look that comes from curated planters, matching gardening accessories and stately wreaths.

  • Spend some time outside together when you choose gardening gifts for Mom that let you get your hands in the dirt.
  • Let the afternoon drift by arranging pots and plants in different nooks and alcoves to get a chic look that complements her patio furnishings.
  • Put in the work for her with a morning of potting or placing plants, so that she has a gorgeous surprise waiting for her before you enjoy a fine lunch together.

Gardening Tools and Accessories

Check out the beautiful gardening tools now available. With selections ranging from the utilitarian to the florid, it's easy to shop for gardening gifts for Mom.

  • Hand tools are easy to present on their own or as part of a gift basket. Choose artisan versions that showcase handles and metal work.
  • Give her a kneeler that makes it comfortable to get down on the ground to tend to flower beds or take care of a little weeding.
  • Stock an agrarian basket with tools, accessories and inspiration to get veggies and flowers going for spring.

Botanical Displays She'll Love

For a more curated home or patio, select gifts that add a touch of finesse or elegance to the atmosphere.

  • Mother's Day planters are a classic gift. Look for gleaming copper styles that age gracefully into a verdigris patina or Delft-inspired blue and white pots in saucers.
  • Send her a full tree to go in the ground or into a large, gorgeous planter. Fruit trees can be kept indoors in many climates in the colder months.
  • Wreaths to adorn her door let her remember how kind you are every time she comes back home.

Make this Mother's Day amazing with thoughtful gardening gifts.

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