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Life is all about emotion. Love, friendship, happiness and family are a few things that make it worth living. And even though it might sound surprising, aromas and smells actually play a big part in the way we feel. They make special moments even more memorable. And years later, those same scents have the power to take us back to our favorite times spent with our kids, friends and loved ones. That’s why at Williams-Sonoma we’ve worked hard to bring you fragrances that are worth remembering with our Soap & Lotions Collections. Natural oils and luscious aromas leave your personal touch throughout the house, turning it into a place where everyone feels comfortable and loved. Another way to express your personality when entertaining is with the wine glasses and drinkware you choose.

First on the list of things that every bathroom needs is hand soap. It helps keep you safe and healthy. But germ-free hands are only half of the equation. Why not leave them moist and fragrant too? Our Essential Oils Collection infuses hand soap with moisturizing olive oil, soothing aloe vera and glycerin, used to leave your skin ultrasoft. No matter how many times you have to wash your hands throughout the day, they stay beautiful and hydrated. Soft kitchen towels look good and treat your hands to comfort while cooking.

After a long day, or before starting out in the morning, it’s a good idea to give your skin some extra moisture with our hand lotion. Natural shea butter and vitamin-infused botanical oils protect your hands from everything they have to go up against throughout the day. At night, they help repair and rejuvenate your skin. Plus, few things feel as refreshing for tired hands than rubbing smooth, scented lotion on them. Attractive aromas help you sleep easier at night, and can put a smile on your face when you’re getting ready to cook. To save a lot of work for hands during food prep, a food processor is a great choice.

How can you choose the scent that’s right for you? That depends a lot on your personality. Think about the kind of foods you love. That can give you a clue as to whether you prefer airy, citrus notes, or deeper tones. Are you a flower person? Or do you like exotic spices from across the globe? Even your taste in music and movies tells you something about your personal preferences. You might be someone who likes to take chances and go for the unknown. Or maybe you enjoy the classics. Once you know a little bit about yourself, you’re ready to pick out the perfect fragrance.

Take some time to think about the mood you want to create in your home too. Fresh, citrus smells pair well with bright, open and airy ambiences. For a touch of floral, hints of lavender made with natural oils from Provence, France, are a real treat. They add a bit of elegance and distinction to a room. It can make you feel like your kitchen has a marble and a sous chef. For extra relaxation, try something with cinnamon or sweet notes.

Another thing to consider when picking out an aroma that works for your apartment or house is the time of year. When summertime comes, it’s good to go with energetic and uplifting scents. Other aromas work really well during wintertime. They feel comforting and remind you of a warm fireplace and cozy spaces even when it’s cold outside. Guests notice the aromas of our candles, room sprays and diffusers immediately when walking into your home, and will probably rave about them all night long. Another way to create a nice mood is with formal dinnerware.

A deluxe set of soaps makes a great gift for friends and family. Our sets include a beautiful holder for several bottles to keep them neat and organized. The best part is that you can also personalize them for an extra-special touch.

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