A Guide to Curtain Rod Finials

Enhance your window treatments with curtain rod finials from Williams Sonoma. Finials prevent curtains from sliding off the rod and they serve as a decorative accent. There's a finial for every decor style, whether your preference is traditional or modern.

What are Curtain Rod Finials?

The finials in the selection are designed to fit Williams Sonoma's adjustable drapery rods. They come in sets of two and are easy to install and remove. Some of the finial styles you may find available include square, sphere, flat-ribbed and cone-shaped.

Most of the finials come in three finishes -- antique brass, oiled bronze and polished nickel. The antique brass and oiled bronze finishes are an excellent addition to traditional and rustic design styles, while the polished nickel is a stylish accent for modern furnishings.

Another option is the crystal sphere finial. It's mounted in hand-polished oiled bronze and is crafted from clear crystal for a sophisticated look. This finial is a great accompaniment to a glam living room, or one with formal furnishings.

Changing the finials on your curtain rods can give your windows a fresh look. For example, if you have square finials on your curtain rods, consider changing to a different shape such as round or cone-shaped. You could swap out your rod and finials for ones in a different finish, which can also make a difference in the look of the windows.

Other Window Treatment Hardware

If you need curtain rods, there are several options from which to choose. They're available in several adjustable lengths to fit most windows. Williams Sonoma also has drape rings, which come in finishes to match the curtain rods and finials. There are also matching drapery brackets that are used with the rods; they include all the necessary hardware so you can install them right out of the box.

Curtains and Drapes

The rods, finials and hardware at Williams Sonoma can be used with any of the curtains and drapes in the selection. There are lined drapes for blocking light and adding privacy, along with sheer curtains that let plenty of natural light in the room and impart a breezy look. You can hang sheer curtains under heavier drapes for a layered look.

Shop the selection of window treatments, hardware and curtain rod finials at Williams Sonoma to find everything you need for well-dressed windows. There's something for every interior color palette and design style, making it easy to create the look you want.