Your windows deserve the very best, and that means gorgeous hardware to match luxurious curtains. Window hardware is more than a mere mechanism to support your drapes; at their best, curtain rods, finials, brackets and rings stand on their own as gorgeous decorative objects that add aesthetic beauty to your home. In this sense, window hardware balances style and substance perfectly. These are fully functioning hardware items that contribute to the secure installation and easy operation of your drapes and curtains, but they’re also stylish and carefully designed. Williams-Sonoma window hardware designs are jewel-like in their beauty and ornamental impact, and thanks to our focus on sturdy materials such as solid brass, they’re built to last and can support even the most sumptuously thick drapery.

Use our window hardware with window treatments in any room. From formal dining rooms to fresh, modern living rooms, the clean lines and elegant detailing of our window hardware selections fits right in. Our window hardware collection focuses on the use of multiple interchangeable pieces so you can select just the right size, color, finish and style for your windows. No matter what your style, you’ll find just the right combination of options.

Our versatile collection of window hardware items works in many different settings. Choose a polished brass curtain rod and brackets with beautiful crystal sphere finials for your bedroom and opt for dark oiled bronze brackets and curtain rods tipped with matching square finials for your living room. We offer drape rings in matching finishes so you can create a complete, coordinated window hardware arrangement in one place. Our selection gives you the choice between subtle elements and more impactful details. Opt for a shiny polished nickel or brass finish to make a big impact. Choose basic cap finials for an unadorned alternative to elaborate finials. From ornate sitting rooms to romantic boudoirs, you can create the right configuration for your home.

Window coverings serve an important purpose in your home. Having the ability to slide your curtains open and shut lends versatility and comfort no matter what you’re up to. Drapes need sturdy support to maintain a polished look in any position, and our window hardware is up to the task. Use the mounting hardware included with your drapery brackets to ensure proper support, and check to make sure your order includes the right number of brackets based on the curtain rod size you’ve chosen. Small curtain rods need only two end brackets, but larger sizes require one or more center brackets to ensure even weight distribution and strong performance.

Because our drapery brackets are cast into a single, sturdy piece, they’re strong enough to support heavy, luxurious curtains and drapes from our collection. Whether you prefer a minimally embellished curtain made from thick cotton canvas or a plush, solid velvet drape, our window hardware provides more than enough support when properly installed. Frame dramatic picture windows with the bold, impactful treatments they deserve and have confidence that you selected strong, reliable and stylish hardware to hang your gorgeous curtains.

Whether you’re redecorating your home or you’re looking for luxe window treatments to blend in with existing decor, our selection of drapes and window hardware may have just what you’re looking for. With a balance of form and function, this brass hardware is a stalwart supporter for thick, luxurious drapes. Measure your windows to be sure you know the right curtain rod size for your room, and then choose your desired finish. Pick out your finials, choose the right number of support brackets and cap off your order with drape rings if desired. Once your order arrives, you’ll have everything you need to securely hang your curtains.