Curtains & Drapes

Curtains & Drapes

Are you ready to create a room that speaks to your creativity and personality? Take a good look at your windows if you are. Drapes let you adjust the amount of light that filters into a room. Curtain panels also create a cozy and private atmosphere. Most of all, though, curtains and drapes are important details to consider when setting up your home’s decor. The fabric you choose and the way you hang drapes and curtains affect the appearance of the room. In fact, while curtains are part of the background in a room, there are few other details that deliver as much visual impact. At Williams Sonoma, we have all types of curtains to meet your needs.

Using Curtains as Color Accents in the Dining Area

Complement your dining room lighting by choosing curtains crafted from light to mid-weight fabrics. The fabric is heavy enough to provide full privacy and light enough to add to the room’s natural lighting. The lighter fabric lets some soft light filter through in the daytime, adding to the ambience of the room. Features like color blocking in the panels and elegant border trims on the panels add an extra splash of color to the room. Consider curtains in colors that match other design elements in the room, like your dinnerware or place mats. Chair pads and upholstery on dining room chairs are other details to consider matching to your curtains in the dining area.

Ideas for Drapes in the Living Room

Drapes protect your living room furniture and flooring from the sun’s rays. Choose heavy drapes if you want to block out a lot of natural light. Drapes and curtains made from lighter material let the light peek through to create a soft, dreamy effect. Want drapes that match the room no matter what changes you make? Choose neutral-toned drapes that match features like the flooring or your lamp shades. This ensures a match if you switch out to furniture with different upholstery or display artwork that has different colors. Accent pillows offer another way to change the look of the room. Consider pillows that have a color or pattern that matches the drapes but contrasts with the upholstery color.

Tips for Hanging Bedroom Curtains

Create the dramatic effect of having taller windows in the bedroom by installing the curtain rod higher than the window frame. Put the rod anywhere from 6" above the trim to a few inches below the ceiling. Or you can increase the appearance of window length by choosing panels that hang a foot or more below the window frame’s bottom edge. To determine the ideal panel length, measure from the curtain rod to where you want the curtain’s hem to fall.

Picking Game Room Drapes

A game room with an electronic focus, like a TV or PC screen, is most enjoyable when excess light isn’t affecting the screens. Heavy drapes that block out unwanted light are ideal for keeping the sunlight off the screen. Add a tie back for times when you want to enjoy the warmth of a sunny day. Then just undo the ties when you’re ready to fire up your gaming devices.

Choose curtains that let some sun shimmer through to add a casual touch to a room. Or pick heavy, elegant drapes that block out unwanted light. Match your curtain and drapery panels to other parts of the room’s decor, like a favorite rug or the deep, plush seating of your favorite armchair. These pieces blend into the background of your home, or stand out depending on how you choose to display them. So, choose panels that suit your taste and the way you use the room.

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