Vases & Jars

Vases & Jars

Vases and jars are a big help when accessorizing your home. They add personality, fit almost anywhere and are just as comfortable in small apartments as in larger houses. Williams-Sonoma offers beautiful vases and jars in distinctive sizes and shapes to complement your design vision. Here are a few decorating ideas.

Go bold for your home. True, intense tones are usually best in small amounts, so they don’t overwhelm the room. That’s why vases are a perfect way to introduce pops of color into a space. In a blue room, for example, one or two bright orange or red vases really shine. Playing around with small pieces like that increases your home’s color palette and adds visual excitement.

Vases and jars make great standalone centerpieces. That’s especially true for pieces with well-defined contours and intricate patterns. The idea is to grab everyone’s attention when you walk into the room. Put a centerpiece in the place where you want people to look first – like a luxurious countertop in the bathroom. Of course, fresh flowers work too as long as they fit the ambience you’re trying to create.

Decor should draw everything together in one distinctive style: yours. Accent pieces make that happen by creating a cohesive look throughout the room. For example, if you want the space to feel rustic, use wood vases and decorative objects to support that design. They take advantage of areas like bookcases, shelves and tabletops.

Give your home some oriental inspiration. For a touch of exotic mystery – and a hint of romance – use jars with floral designs and striking contrasts. White and deep blue are the hallmark of Oriental pieces and look very elegant. The ratio of white versus blue is different in every piece, so some seem dark and others light. What you choose depends on the color of your room and how much you want the jar to stand out. In a space with white walls, a dark jar pops beautifully as an accent piece.

If your design vision is lustrous and luxury, pick vases made of metal or Italian alabaster to wow guests. Metallic accents also make a room brighter, reflecting natural illumination and home lighting. Alabaster has a sheen similar to marble but with softer veins. Its white tones are also a good addition to airy spaces.

Want to turn your bathroom into a cozy spot for relaxation? Keep calming vases nearby. If your tub has a bathtub ledge, take advantage of it using warm ceramic decor and some candles too. Earthy, natural tones – like browns and oranges – are very soothing and match most tile colors. Choose whatever makes you feel happy. The vanity countertop is another good spot for a beautiful vase with flowers.

To create a more laidback ambience in the bedroom or living room, think woven. Natural fibers tell you that’s it’s OK to be yourself. The touches of brown match deep leather sectionals and soft rugs very well. That relaxed atmosphere makes guests feel comfortable and contributes to good times with friends and family.

Give your home some artistic flair. Vases and jars are literally works of art. Each one is very different from other designs, so it’s not hard to find something that fits your personal style. It could be an interesting motif, a crackled appearance, or a specific color that stands out. Bottom line, if it gets you really excited, that’s the piece for you.

In the living room, there are several places where vases and jars provide a major impact. If you have a fireplace – and especially a favorite painting located above it – place a pair of small jars on each side of the mantle. A vase is also an excellent centerpiece for your coffee table. Console tables, bookcases, media centers and shelves all offer other nooks for a jar.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the corners of your bedroom as well. Large jars, vases and planters add style to the floor, whereas smaller pieces fit nicely onto a bedside table. Infusing the bedroom with your personality helps you get a good night’s sleep and wake up with a smile on your face.