Picture Frames

When it comes to home decor, there’s no better way to showcase a special memory than to display a picture in a beautiful frame. Williams-Sonoma Home’s picture frames allow you to protect and draw attention to your special photos, giving them the perfect presentation for display alongside other treasured decorative accents. You may even find some styles in our collection that match perfectly with other objects from our selection of ornamental accents. Many of the picture frames in this collection come in a variety of different sizes, and some come in different shapes, too, so you can design a cohesive display of photo memories in your home.

Use these picture frames anywhere you like to display family photos and other snapshots. If you don’t have many photos set up at home yet, consider where you’ll get the most enjoyment out of your display. The living room is one potential option that makes practical sense, especially if it’s a popular place for family and friends to gather together. Many of our picture frames have handy easels on the back so you can prop them up on a bookshelf, mantelpiece or tabletop. You can use frames and photos of different shapes and sizes to create a layered display of treasured memories, or you can showcase a single photo in a decorative vignette to really let the picture shine.

When they’re presented in stylish frames, photos make excellent decor in any part of the house. You may want to put some framed photos in your entryway so you’re greeted by happy memories whenever you enter your home. Place your framed photos wherever they’ll frequently be within view. Because our picture frames are so stylish and versatile, you can use them throughout your home alongside any style of decor. Neutral metallics and shades such as black, white, blue and taupe fit in easily with any color scheme.

This neutral quality allows picture frames from this collection to work well with many different types of decor, but that doesn’t mean these frames aren’t eye catching in their own right. Materials such as brass, wood and natural cowhide provide a luxurious edge that draws the eye and adds a special something extra to your pictures. Many of our picture frames feature patterns and textures ranging from dimensional crocodile-skin effects to inlaid wood with brass accents and rough-woven natural-fiber fabrics. You’ll find frames that fit in with themed rooms and subtly decorated areas with ease.

This luxurious, decorative quality makes our picture frames perfect for gift giving. Elegantly framed photos are thoughtful for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, graduation or major holiday. From Christmas and Hanukkah to retirement parties and wedding anniversaries, you can give these frames to friends, colleagues and family members with or without a photo inside. If you’re searching for something for a man or woman who seems to have everything, you might just win the day with a framed photo. A lovely memory beautifully presented is always a welcome addition – even to a collection that seems like it contains everything under the sun.

Use our picture frames to display photos anywhere, from your desk to a shelf above your kitchen counter. With glass front panels and sturdy construction, our frames help preserve and protect the photographs inside. That means you can have confidence when you use them to display one-of-a-kind snapshots taken before the advent of digital photography. Sepia-toned historic family photos and brightly colored modern snaps alike look spectacular when displayed in a beautiful frame. Select the frame size, color and texture that works best for your needs, then add your photo to the frame and enjoy the attractive decorative effect.