Add Function and Style to Your Walls With Mirrors

A mirror is a home essential, a piece that can add both function and style to your space. As a result, you can find mirrors in a variety of spaces, whether they're situated above a console table in a foyer, above a mantle in a family room or above a dresser in a bedroom. When you select a mirror from Williams Sonoma, you're choosing a piece that adds a stylish touch to your wall. As a result, you'll enjoy a new piece of wall art in addition to a handy mirror. So, explore this collection to discover the right mirror for your space.

Silhouettes and Shapes

A mirror from Williams Sonoma can be sleek and simple or can make a serious statement. Choosing the right mirror depends on the size of your wall and the amount of impact you want this piece to have. For a sleek look, opt for a mirror with a simple frame. You can find round and rectangular mirrors surrounded by frames that make a subtle statement. Many styles feature metallic-finished frames available in finishes like oil-rubbed bronze, antique brass and polished nickel. Other styles add a more rustic touch with a simple wood frame, crafted of sturdy materials like oak.

Other mirrors are designed to make a statement in your space. Typically, these pieces showcase more elaborate, ornate or detailed frames, which lend an artistic touch to the mirror. For example, you can find an octagonal mirror with a frame crafted of mirror glass accented by hand-finished gold foil accents. A mirror with a textured resin mirror adds a three-dimensional statement to your wall. Hang it alongside other wall art to create an interesting gallery wall. A carefully pieced fretwork frame boasts clean lines that add modern charm to your wall. A resin frame in a starburst design is a statement-making addition to your wall.


Regardless of the style you select, mirrors from Williams Sonoma are designed for durability. To begin, some of these styles feature added durability thanks to engineered wood-backed styles. Others feature etched-glass panels or polished stainless steel trim that is both durable and decorative.

These frames also come with hanging hardware for a simple installation. You can find sturdy keyhole or D-ring hanging hardware on the back of many of these mirrors, making it simple to hang with a hammer and a nail. Additionally, you can find sturdy leaning styles perfect for placing in the corner of a bedroom or office.

Mirrors are a must-have piece for the home. With the right mirror, it can also double as a decorative element that adds dimension to your space. Even more, a mirror can help to open up space, even making a smaller room seem larger. So, elevate your decor by selecting a mirror from this Williams Sonoma collection.