Mirrors offer a terrific way to bring some extra light into your life. From formal dining rooms to glamorous bedrooms, mirrors add beautiful reflection and style to any home decor arrangement. Whether you live in a modern minimalist palace or a cozy traditional bungalow, Williams-Sonoma Home has mirrors that will look fabulous in your home. Our offerings in this product category include decorative mirrors with ornate frames and simpler styles with strikingly beautiful, clean lines. Perfect for their balance of beautiful form and practical function, mirrors bring decorative beauty and useful reflection in equal measure.

Mirrors make fantastic decorative accents in any space, but they’re particularly useful where you need a little bit of extra light. Thanks to their shining reflective powers, decorative mirrors can make a dark corner feel lighter and brighter. They can bounce light back from lamps, candles and windows to add more illumination to a room, making the space feel luminously radiant without much of a change. Mirrors also have the power to make a room feel bigger, and they’re a suitable decor item for small spaces that can use some additional flair. From small, windowless powder rooms to den-like apartments, mirrors are one of your best weapons against common interior design issues in these spaces.

You can also use a mirror’s reflective power to showcase your beautiful decor or the spectacular view outside your windows. As you plan your mirror decor setup, consider placement carefully. If you angle your mirror just right, you can enhance your vantage point and bring outside views to a specific part of your room. For example, if half of your dining table faces a large picture window, placing a mirror on the wall opposite the table gives those with their backs to the wall a chance to admire the view themselves.

Mirrors provide classic elegance throughout the house, regardless of context. Use a stately decorative mirror over your living room mantelpiece to create a traditional arrangement complete with beautiful decorative objects, such as mantel clocks, ginger jars or vases. Entryways are also ideal settings for mirrors, and this placement really lets their practical function shine. Set a mirror above a console table in your entryway so that you have a functional area that combines storage space for keys and other necessities with a last-minute checkpoint to make sure your hair is coiffed perfectly before you head out for the day. Use our mirrors and furniture to create a foundational arrangement, then add lamps and decorative objects into the mix to make it your own. It’s an ideal way to create a welcoming impression right at the entrance to your home.

You can use mirrors as part of a gallery wall or on their own as striking standalone decorative pieces. To mix your mirror with other art, consider your idea wall decor arrangement. If you want even rows or an irregular display, then select the mirror shape and size that makes the most sense based on what your ideal outcome looks like. If you want your gallery wall to look eclectic, pick a mirror that stands out on its own among other distinctive pieces. If you prefer something more subtle and well ordered, choose a subtle mirror style with a classic shape and minimal embellishment. Whether you choose a mirror with a distinct frame or you opt for a simple frameless style, our mirror styles blend beautifully with other types of wall decor, including paintings, photographs, sconces and sculptures.

Whether you choose to have them anchor a decorative arrangement or stand on the sidelines while you showcase other items in your collection, our mirrors are a beautiful addition to your home. Use them to add some light and elegance to your space and enjoy the beauty of reflection.

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