Original Art

Decorating your home with artwork is a wonderful way to fill it with expressions of your personality. Because tastes vary a lot from individual to individual, the pieces you choose say so much about you. Some are playful and energetic while others create a pensive mood instead. At Williams-Sonoma, we understand that you like being unique, imaginative and bold. That’s why – in addition to many other decorative objects and home accents – we’ve paired up with well-known artists to offer you curated original art. We invite you to adorn your home with something distinctive and totally you. Plus, no one said you can’t show off sometimes.

Of course, what you choose depends mainly on the way it makes you feel. No one can tell you what’s perfect and what’s not. You just know. Artwork is like the music of your mind. Once you’ve found your favorites, decorate around them. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you narrow down your search.

Decide the kind of ambience you want in each space, such as if it is a spot used primarily for kicking back after a long day or for entertaining guests. Some rooms look great with a hint of romance, and others are all about business instead. That said, even though most houses have a dining room, your vision for it is totally different from someone else’s. Pick out artwork that brings your design to life.

Original art deserves to be the star of the show. That’s especially true with large pieces. To draw people’s attention to your artwork, create an accent wall. The wall you choose depends on the amount of space have in the room, the size of your furniture and whether or not it has lots of windows. Arrange your furniture in a way that guests have a good view of your painting. To accentuate it even more, add wall sconces on both sides of the artwork, or place a console table underneath.

Because you want original art to stand out, it’s good to choose colorful pieces. Abstract strokes, sharp contours and bright tones capture your attention immediately. Remember, it’s much easier to adapt your wall paint to match your artwork than vice-versa. So start with the art you love and design a color theme from there.

If you’re adventurous or want to infuse a space with something exotic, look for energetic hues of green, orange or blue. These colors put a smile on your face, giving you a positive attitude before heading out the door.

For relaxation, opt for softer tones. Light blues make you feel like you’re lying on a beach somewhere and listening to the murmur of the ocean. Gentle greens and browns with hazy brushstrokes create a soothing ambience. They work well in a comfortable living room or a spa-like bathroom where you go to unwind.

Pick a size. When creating an accent wall, the basic rule is the bigger, the better. That helps artwork to jump out at you. Don’t be afraid to place a large piece of art on a long wall in the dining room. From the table, guests can enjoy and comment on it all night. When choosing several paintings that follow a common thread, complement your main piece with smaller artwork spaced out around it. Intimate sizes are also helpful in baths and bedrooms that don’t have a lot of space to play around with.

Give your home office some inspiration. Art above or beside your desk does more than just make the room look beautiful. It also makes you more productive by stimulating your creative juices. It’s like Mozart transferred onto a canvas. Lighter pieces offer a no-pressure working environment, whereas dark tones help you concentrate on the task at hand.

Another way to decorate your room is to have a theme. Nautical designs, floral patterns, vintage artwork, food, music and different world locations are a few options. No matter what you love, there’s art and decor to match. Use accent pillows and distinctive light fixtures to complete the look.