What style of home decor do you prefer? Are you a bold modern eclectic or more of a staid traditionalist? No matter how your personal style manifests, it’s important to have some artwork in your home that reflects your aesthetic and brings you joy. Williams-Sonoma Home’s carefully curated collection of artwork provides something for everyone, whether you’re completely avant garde or happy drawing from tradition. Our art prints are ideally suited for any elegant home, and we offer a range of different artistic traditions, colors, sizes and styles to choose from. Abstract geometry, photorealistic representation and painterly sketches are all on offer in this product category. Browse our selections and see what pieces capture your heart.

Our artwork selections make perfect wall decor for any room in your house. From the master bedroom to your formal dining room, you can select bold, beautiful art prints to showcase your personal style. Botanical motifs, landscape imagery and other natural themes are a popular subject within this collection, but that’s not where your options end. You can select from completely non-objective abstract work and geometric patterns as well. While much of the non-objective artwork in this collection is bold and modern, some of it recalls traditional Middle Eastern rug and architectural patterns and other classic motifs that fit right in alongside traditional furnishings.

Whether you’re looking for something truly original to display as a focal piece or you want some subtle accents to balance out your decor, this section has options to suit. We offer standalone artwork that displays as a solo piece, but we also offer series and multi-panel works to make a larger impact. Diptychs and triptychs are particularly good options if you want a cohesive work of art that covers a generous proportion of wall space. Choose a series of different artwork prints in the same style to display around a room or group together in a cohesive but varied gallery display. There’s no wrong way to approach your display.

We offer plenty of art work options that pair well with other decorative accents. With subtly colorful options and some two-tone or monochrome prints on offer, you can use some elements of our artwork collection to create a quiet, tranquil atmosphere. You can also select bright, eye-catching pieces to define your space and set the tone for the room. There’s really no wrong way to go about it. We offer a generous selection to give you the power of choice. Pick and choose the pieces that you like best and make the most sense for your home.

If you already have a fully furnished home, browse through our artwork collection to find matching pieces. Our selection is varied enough that you’re sure to find one or more artworks that work well in your space. This can be a great way of giving your home decor a little refresher without totally redoing the entire room. Add in additional details such as new decorative pillows or stylish throws to complete your room’s mini makeover.

From sleek urban loft apartments to elegant country cottages, artwork reflects the heart and soul of any home. Our collection of artwork emphasizes quality and style, and we’ve carefully chosen pieces that add just the right amount of embellishment. From gilded indigo prints to multicolor masterpieces and restrained two-tone compositions, our artwork offerings are sophisticated and stylish. Use them to bring a new element of polish to a fully furnished room or select a piece to serve as the anchor for an entirely new decor setup. You have the power to choose, so let your taste and whims guide you.

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