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Discover The Beauty of Global Sai Knife Sets & Knives

If you want a knife with a hook, Global Sai knife sets & knives have one to make you pause. The Sai collection is the first line of knives produced in over 30 years by Japanese master cutlers at Global, the illustrious house of cutlery led by industrial design icon Komin Yamada. The highly revered Yamada is known for his relentless pursuit of perfection, so the arrival of a new knife collection created under his tutelage is big news in the professional chef's world and to home chefs devoted to excellent culinary skill. Explore Global Sai knife sets & knives to discover why this line is a must-have for the serious cook.

Why You Should Pick Global Sai Knives

Everything about these knives is superlative. People love Global cutlery fervently for its exceptional cutting experience. Using a Global knife is like playing a fine musical instrument. The balance and precision is beautiful, while the results surpass anything you expected. Your knife simply glides through food.

  • Japanese knives are known for their precision edges and sharpness. The Global Sai is no exception. Blades include three layers of steel and are ice-hardened and tempered, then sharpened to 12.5 degrees.
  • Sai knives are resistant to rust, flexible enough to cut through certain bones and hand-hammered to create hollow indentations that reduce drag when enjoying this collection's ability to create mind-glowingly thin slices.
  • Made in Japan, certain Global Sai knife sets & knives are exclusive to Williams Sonoma, meaning you can only get them when you shop here.

When To Select Single Global Knives

If you're comparing knives, you may want to select one or two knives to start. Global Sai knife sets & knives are available as singles, trios, smaller sets, steak knife sets and more. To begin your collection, check out the essential knives first.

  • A chef's knife features a spear tip to allow cutting using a rocking technique, known for speed, accuracy and simplicity anyone can master to begin building elevated knife skills.
  • Paring knives are made for working in the air while you hold the food you're cutting. Global Sai parers are lightweight and accurate when used with the proper techniques.
  • A large vegetable knife is fantastic for cutting big bunches of greens. This one's a must if you're at the farmer's market every weekend.
  • A bread knife has a serrated edge and cuts through bread, tomatoes and melon rinds with ease and grace.

When To Shop for Knife Sets

Shop for knife sets if you're already a fan or follower of Global or if you can see the extraordinary value of these knives right away, as many experienced home cooks can. Sleek, comfortable and made to exacting standards, these knives carry on an important legacy.

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