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Staub Grenadine Cookware

At Williams-Sonoma, we know you value style just as much as function when it comes to outfitting your kitchen with all of the essentials. Turn your kitchen into a work of art that is as visually stunning as it is productive with our Staub grenadine cookware collection. Staub cookware is made of ceramic and stone, finished with a striking porcelain enamel finish that makes each piece ideal for serving directly from the stove top or oven to the table. The grenadine finish consists of a multicoat enameling that creates a glossy, vibrantly colored majolique finish to resemble fine ceramics. Equip your kitchen with essentials such as fry pans and skillets or specialty cookware in the grenadine finish that combines tones of deep red, burned orange and sultry browns for a stunning look.

Our Staub grenadine cookware is available as individual pieces to suit specific needs or as part of cookware sets that allow you to outfit your kitchen in one fell swoop with all the essentials needed to tackle most everyday recipes. Our grenadine cookware set features four pieces, including a fry pan, grill pan and 5-quart cocotte with lid so you can create traditional French recipes right in your own home. The deep red color of the finish fits right in at the holiday table as well as year round for a stunning appearance.

Staub also offers specialty cookware, including cocottes and coq au vins, in the deep red finish. Use mini cocottes to create individual servings of delightful treats such as mousse, chocolate cakes and mini pies or savory French onion soup for an appetizer. The lid knob is made of nickel-plated brass for a shimmering touch that brightens up the room. Staub cocottes are available in sets of three, and you can buy as many as you need to fit a large brunch gathering or everyday dinners at your home.

Staub features several types of grill pans with the grenadine finish so you can create smoky, flavorful dishes right on the stove top or outside on the grill. Choose from single or double-handle grills to suit your preferences and use a combination grill and press to create perfectly grilled burgers and seafood every time. The heavyweight enameled cast iron transfers and retains heat evenly for meals that delight your friends and family. The special matte black interior coating does not require seasoning like other cast-iron pans, so you can start cooking meals and cut down on the prep time.

Staub features a range of ovens and braisers that result in juicy, tender meats and vegetables for meals that will delight the family. The essential oven features a solid lid that seals in moisture to develop flavors, and the braiser features a see-through lid that makes monitoring the cooking process simpler. Both braisers and ovens from Staub are spacious, oval-shaped pots that offer a large cooking surface with high sides to catch spatters. This combination makes them ideal for frying, sautéing and searing as well as braising and slow simmering.

Staub enables you to inspire Spanish cooking in your own home with paella pans that dress up your table in the grenadine finish. This paella pan features a low, shallow shape that promotes the evaporation of liquids so you get perfectly cooked grains every time. The large, flat bottom makes it easy to sear and brown seafood before adding in the rice. The black matte interior also contains traces of quartz, creating a rougher surface that is perfect for browning. The 15-inch diameter means you can cook large portions for a big gathering or smaller amounts for a dinner for two.

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