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Staub Cherry Red Cookware

Cherry red is an extremely popular color. That’s not surprising. It exudes excitement and beauty. Cherry red works wonders for chefs, too. Why? It inspires you to even greater creativity and passion in your cooking. At Williams-Sonoma, we know that you love to cook. It’s easy to have fun cooking when your kitchen and cookware infuse you with energy. One way to make it happen? Our Staub cherry red cookware features enameled cast-iron and ceramic pieces that are precise, practical and gorgeous. Here are a few benefits.

If cherry red is your personal favorite color, deciding to go with it for you cookware collection – or dinnerware – is probably a quick and immediate choice. That doesn’t mean cherry red is only for the devoted, however. It’s an awesome option for any kitchen, no matter what color scheme you prefer. Besides waking you up in the morning with a big hug and a cup of coffee, a red kitchen creates a personal bond with the meals you make. Everything comes from your heart, and you feel inspired to innovate.

Cherry red pretty much sums up the idea of comfort food. As many an Italian kitchen can testify to, red also has strong tones of love and family. Want to have some fun cooking together with your kids – or for a romantic stay-at-home date? Red cookware makes a great background for laughter, impressing a special someone with your homemade spaghetti sauce and taste tests using your favorite wooden spoon. You can even put up an exciting new recipe video on your tablet and get everyone in on the action chopping veggies, kneading dough or grating cheese.

Does the tone of your cookware have to match your kitchen paint colors? Not at all, although it can if you want it to. One great way to enjoy a contemporary design scheme in your kitchen is to go with neutral hues like white for walls, countertops or cabinets. Then add cherry red accents for major impact. In addition to our Staub cherry red cookware, espresso and coffee makers, artwork, clocks and towels are a few ways to include extra swathes of color.

When entertaining, cherry red cookware is an excellent choice too. Did you know that the color red increases your metabolism and stimulates your appetite? Even before the sumptuous aromas of your gourmet meal reach the dining table, your guests see the intense colors of the cookware and their taste buds unconsciously start to water. Whether serving family-style so each person can take as much as they want, or taking care of plating yourself using a buffet table, you’ll be certain to present a colorful space.

Can you take Staub cherry red cookware straight from oven or stove top to table? Definitely. Though if you have a wood table you probably want to use a trivet to protect it from the high heat. That’s a big advantage of ceramic or enameled cast-iron baking dishes and cocottes: they stay warm for a long time after removing them from the oven. That way if company hasn’t quite arrived or you decide to serve cocktails first, the food is still piping hot when you remove the lid.

Other practical advantages of enameled cast-iron and ceramic cookware? There are tons of reasons they make cooking easier. For one thing, they’re naturally nonstick. If you don’t want to use oil or butter in cooking, you don’t have to. Also, both cast-iron and ceramic can handle extremely high temperatures without any issues. That means awesome searing when roasting, sautéing, grilling or stewing. The best part is you can start a meal on the stove top and then transfer it to the oven for succulent and juicy slow-cooking. Afterwards, cleanup is just as effortless. Even heating means no burning, and the enamel or ceramic inner surfaces wipe off quickly and easily.

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