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Staub Black Cookware

Decorating your home is a lot of fun because it lets you express yourself completely. It creates visual excitement and spaces that are more than just functional. They fill you with passion and happiness. Does that apply to your kitchen and dining room as much as the living room or bedroom? Definitely. In the kitchen, everything around you inspires you, cookware included. At Williams-Sonoma, we think customizing your workspace through cookware is an amazing idea. It lets you put your signature touch on every meal you make, impressing guests big time in the process. What can our Staub black cookware add to your design layout? Here are a few possibilities.

On the practical side, Staub enameled cast-iron cookware gives you a lot of freedom to innovate. It’s extremely versatile. Cocottes – or covered cookpots similar to a Dutch oven – and braisers let you brown proteins on the stove top and then transfer them to the oven for roasting, stewing and the like. They provide awesome flavors, tender and juicy meats and a rustic, comfort-food style of cooking. Our Staub cast-iron grill pans give you beautiful sear marks on steak, chicken and veggies. They’re equally effective on the stove top, on a broiler or outside on your grill.

What does the color black add to things? Black is the color of power, precision and professionalism. Black cookware makes you look like even more of an expert grill master or gourmet chef. Your guests listen intently as you explain the nuances of your recipe, the crushed garlic or herb-infused sauce you created, or they stare at the decorative details you like to put on their plates. You don’t need to have a culinary-school degree to have bragging rights for your natural talents and mouthwatering meals.

What are some ways to give your kitchen pops of black? Black cookware is a big one, especially if you have a pot rack hanging from the ceiling with your favorite pieces. Artwork, cabinets and countertops also play a large part. If you’re going for a neutral or monochromatic design scheme – with a focus on gray and black – stainless-steel appliances, metallic bar stools around your kitchen island and steel pendant lighting are a few ideas.

What about in the dining room? How can you create a black-inspired vibe there? There are tons of decorative elements you can use. Neutral place settings – perhaps gorgeous white dinner plates with jet black bowls – make a strong impact. Your table and chairs also offer lots of possibilities. One modern option is to use chairs at the ends of your table of a different tone or material – like black leather – than the rest. Mirrors, artwork and decorative accents on your buffet table enhance a formal dinner party or an elegant occasion with friends.

What kind of vibe does black cookware create? That depends a lot on the rest of your decor. Black is very flexible, so it fits pretty much anywhere and in any design style, from minimalist to traditional. Looking for something contemporary? Black cookware and stainless-steel tools give the kitchen a sleek and cool ambience. It says that you like to get down to business when cooking, and settle for nothing less than culinary perfection.

Is vintage more your thing? Then black is about to become your new best friend. Black cookware adds a touch of 1920s luxury and French elegance to any kitchen. Accompany it with gold tones throughout the room, an intricate crystal chandelier, a glass tabletop and maybe velvet curtains or upholstery. It’s really tempting to prepare some signature cocktails for friends in this kind of setting.

Black and white decor is classic for the kitchen, but also gives things an artistic and fashionable vibe. That’s especially true if you go with stripes, patterns or artwork featuring pen strokes and phrases. What does it say about you as a cook? Black and white – especially with a few strong pops of cherry red or midnight blue – layouts reflect innovation, creativity, confidence, charm and personal expression.

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