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Le Creuset Red

While your kitchen cookware needs to function for high-level cuisine, it also needs to match your existing decor to feel like it belongs in your home. Williams-Sonoma offers Le Creuset red everything to match your kitchen’s design needs. Whether you want a rustic farmhouse feel in your kitchen or if you want to mix and match colors for an eye-popping design, Le Creuset red combines function with fashion. Find all of the important fry pans and sauciers you need, and then finish off with some fun kitchen accessories from Le Creuset red.

Start your new kitchen decorating journey with essential cast-iron saucepans, Dutch ovens and braisers. Because of their cast-iron construction, these devices capture heat quickly, and then they cook your food evenly, taking a lot of the guesswork out of your time in the kitchen. A saucepan helps you create the perfect rich tomato sauce for your favorite pasta, while a Dutch oven is good for baking your mom’s favorite casserole recipe. Use a braiser for cooking a large piece of meat in the oven over slow heat for hours on end. This results in juicy pulled pork or a mouthwatering pot roast.

The next stop on your Le Creuset journey is to stock up on essential grill pans and skillets. These are your go-to kitchen cookware items for grilling up the perfect steak, chicken breast or pork chops. You can also fry up a batch of bacon and eggs or make flapjacks for breakfast. With a grill pan, you get the benefit of raised grooves inside of the pan that give your meat authentic grill marks while helping to reduce some of the fat content of the meat. When searching for a skillet, find one with deep sides that contain all of your cooking ingredients without splattering.

If you go through a lot of stir-fry dishes in your home, Le Creuset has a wok to fit your needs. Heat up the oil on high heat, add your protein, and then put in broccoli, carrots, onions and other veggies to make a simple, yet tasty dish. A wok comes with a glass lid that lets you reduce down the water content of the wok on low heat while preparing a pot of rice in a steamer to go with the meal.

After you finish your cast-iron collection, Le Creuset has a vast selection of bakeware for creating everything from macaroni and cheese to brownies in the oven. Stoneware dishes come in various sizes to create different molds, such as a large rectangular dish for making lasagna and a taller, more compact dish for a loaf of banana bread. Stoneware dishes feature a vivid red glaze on the outside for presenting your food to guests without having to take it out. You can even take your dish right out of the oven, place it on a matching trivet and serve it right away on the table.

Once you have all of your kitchen cookware essentials, it is time to stock up on matching accessories. A red ceramic spoon rest sits on top of your stove and lets you place spatulas on it while not busy stirring. A coffee canister made of stoneware sits right next to your bakeware collection, keeping your coffee grounds and beans fresh while you wait for breakfast to bake. A ramekin allows you to serve dipping sauces in style when you prepare chicken fingers or pomme frites for company, while an oil-and-vinegar cruet set lets you dress salads from the table. Do not forget to serve after-dinner tea from a red kettle, offering cream and sugar from matching containers.

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