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Le Creuset Lapis Cookware, Bakeware and Serveware

Outfit your kitchen in grand style with Le Creuset lapis cookware, bakeware, plates, bowls and mugs. This beautifully intense blue shade is a wonderful complement to a modern or vintage-style kitchen - and because it's Le Creuset, you can depend on it for long-lasting quality.

Lapis Dutch Ovens

Le Creuset Dutch ovens feature a cast iron core and are coated with durable porcelain enamel that distributes heat evenly. These cookers are ideal for:

  • Soups
  • Stews
  • Chili
  • Braises
  • Casseroles

Available in a wide range of sizes, from 1-quart to 13.25-quart capacity, these Dutch ovens are ideal for cooking for one or a dozen.

Skinny Grills and Square Grills in Lapis

Cook simple, healthy meals for your whole family and all your guests with a cast-iron grill pan with lapis enamel coating. Le Creuset's slender and square grills are designed to fit over a single burner on your stovetop or your grill, and they also fit under the broiler. The best features of these skinny grills and square grills include:

  • A cast iron core to absorb and distribute heat evenly
  • Durable, nonreactive black enameled interior that doesn't require seasoning
  • Dishwasher-safe construction
  • High ridges that elevate food from fatty drippings

Le Creuset Cast-Iron Skillets, Braisers and Sauté Pans in Lapis

Add all the right cookware to your kitchen by choosing:

  • Cast-iron skillets lined with black enamel that doesn't require seasoning. These Le Creuset lapis skillets feature a large loop helper handle so you can lift the pan from stove to table and they're available in a wide range of diameters so you can get exactly what you need.
  • An enameled cast-iron braiser that features a dish-like shape so you can use it for cooking and serving. Featuring extra-large handles for a good grip and a tight-fitting lid to help your food retain moisture, these braisers are ideal for cooking your family's favorite dishes.
  • A lapis sauté pan that complements the rest of your cookware. Designed shallow enough for high-eat searing and sautéing but still deep enough for slow-cooking, these reliable and durable sauté pans are the perfect addition to your kitchen collection.

Lapis Kitchen Accessories

Pull off a completely seamless look in your kitchen with accessories such as:

  • A classic tea kettle in deep, rich lapis with a non-corroding coating
  • Salt and pepper mills that stand tall and serve both utilitarian and decorative purposes
  • Deluxe trivets that keep your hot pots and pans from touching your counter or table's surface

Lapis Stoneware Baking Sets by Le Creuset

Every chef needs a full bakeware set for casseroles, desserts and other baked goods. If building your collection piece-by-piece isn't the route you want to take, choose a pre-made set that includes:

  • A 9-inch square baking dish
  • A 4-quart rectangular covered casserole dish
  • An 11-inch oval au gratin dish
  • Mini cocottes with lids

Individual Bakeware and Casseroles

You can build or add to your collection one piece at a time. Look for items such as:

  • Covered square bakers. These square pans can double as serving dishes and feature tight-fitting lids to seal in moisture, flared handles to give you a steady grip and high-fired stoneware construction.
  • Covered casseroles. A covered casserole dish that includes a tight-fitting lid and features a durable porcelain enamel glaze that's easy to clean (and resists chips, scratches and stains) is a must-have for any kitchen. These casserole dishes are also safe for the oven, broiler, freezer and microwave.
  • Loaf pans. Loaf pans are perfect for breads, cakes and meat loaf. They feature flared handles for an easy grip and a sturdy porcelain enamel-glaze finish that's easy to maintain.

Le Creuset Serveware

Plates, bowls and mugs that match your cookware and bakeware are essential components of a beautifully designed kitchen and dining set. Make sure you put these dishes on your list if you're not buying a complete dinnerware set:

  • Dinner plates
  • Salad plates
  • Pasta bowls
  • Cereal bowls
  • Mugs

Le Creuset lapis dinnerware, cookware and bakeware is a fabulous addition to your kitchen. Sturdy and reliable, you can count on these tough pieces to resist scratches, chips and stains for years.

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