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Le Creuset Caribbean

When thinking about where to head for vacation, the choice is easy for most people. It’s either a tropical beach somewhere or nothing. Warm sand, crystal-clear turquoise water and cool piña coladas are the pinnacle of relaxation. If only life was a vacation so you could spend every minute in front of the ocean. At Williams-Sonoma, we feel that the least we can do is bring some of that island flair to you. Our vibrant Le Creuset Caribbean cookware makes everything seem a little more salsa and sand, no matter what time of year it is. You can even wear your sunglasses if you feel like it. Cocktail glasses add even more glamour to the occasion.

If you’re looking for a way to give your kitchen an energetic and positive feel, this is it. The blue-green surface of Le Creuset Caribbean puts a smile on your face from the moment you stumble in for breakfast. When it comes to decor, turquoise is the happiest blue there is. That makes it a good choice for kitchens, since it lets you cook with no pressure. You can relax and actually have fun preparing your family’s favorite dishes with tons of love. Caribbean is great for giving you bright ideas. It’s bold and creative, and not afraid to take chances. Experiment with international flavors like cilantro, lime, peanuts, chocolate and mouthwatering hot peppers.

Shades of turquoise infuse the home with a touch of faraway locations like Mexico, Thailand, South America and Cuba. It works well with red, lime green, bright orange and, of course, white. Use cookware in the kitchen or dining room as contrasting accent pieces. A lime-colored wall looks more festive with pops of blue from a Le Creuset tea kettle or stock pot. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and design vision. Le Creuset pieces also come in striking red and other hues. Or choose place settings in stunning tones for an artistic effect that lasts all day long.

Since it’s such a happy color, Caribbean brings positive energy to the dining room as well. If you want your table to be a place where everyone can laugh together, bold colors can make it happen. Enjoy breakfast as a family to get the day off to a great start. Tropical tones create a refreshing ambience that makes both kids and adults comfortable. Everyone feels free to open up and share ideas thanks to the laid-back vibe. It also brings meals with friends to life and turns them into unforgettable moments. Make sure to have bar tools nearby to make your own piña coladas, margaritas and other delicious drinks.

Le Creuset Caribbean pieces are always welcome at parties. Bring your trademark dish, and let the exotic exterior of your cookware make it stand out. Homemade enchiladas, pulled pork, salads and desserts grab the attention of all in a vivacious turquoise Dutch oven. They’re great for showcasing your creations in your own home or when heading to a friend’s house. They fit in especially well at pool parties and backyard barbecues. A professional grill helps you to shine as the star of the evening.

Our enameled cast-iron cookware is versatile enough for just about any recipe you can imagine. A Le Creuset braiser is perfect for anything from chicken or pork with Jamaican seasonings to a pineapple-infused roast that needs to simmer for hours. Cast iron distributes heat evenly throughout the entire pan, so even thick cuts cook through and through while still staying moist. The enamel interior and exterior let you get a good sear on proteins to lock in flavor and juices. And without hotspots, pan liquids can be used for delicious sauces without sticking or burning. The braiser’s rounded contours make it elegant enough for serving directly at the dining room table. After dinner, food releases effortlessly. Just toss everything in the dishwasher and relax. Save prep time with a high-quality knife set. Things are a lot easier with the right tool for the job.