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Cast-Iron Saucepans and Sauciers

At Williams-Sonoma, we know that having the right cookware makes all the difference when working on even the most complicated recipes. Our cast-iron saucepans and sauciers are made by Le Creuset, a French company with decades of kitchen expertise and excellence. Cast-iron is optimized for steady, even heat, and Le Creuset’s enamel exterior resists staining, dulling and wear and tear. Since cast-iron boats superior heat retention, it requires no additional seasoning making them easy to use pans that last for years. Our cast-iron saucepans and sauciers can be purchased as part of cookware sets or as individual pieces to suit your specific kitchen needs.

Our collection of cast-iron saucepans and sauciers are available in a range of styles and colors to fit your style and decor. Choose from Le Creuset’s classic and signature saucepans that feature heavy lids designed to keep flavor and moisture in the pot when cooking. Opt for enameled cast-iron in vibrant hues including red, orange and green or opt for subtle tones with pink, blue, gray and white enamels for an understated look. All of our cast-iron cookware is dishwasher-safe for fast, convenient cleanup so you can get back to entertaining your friends and family.

Select from a wide range of Le Creuset cookware to pair with saucepans and sauciers for a well-equipped kitchen that can tackle any recipe. Choose from baking dishes, grills and griddles to suit your needs. Opt for a cast-iron wok or deep skillet to create one-pot dishes that will delight your family and keep clean up to a minimum when you’re done cooking. Choose a grill pan to sear and brown everything from seafood and meat to vegetables either on the stove top or directly on the grill outside. Our cast-iron griddles are a terrific way to whip up brunch or breakfast and cook eggs and pancakes on the smooth, high-heat surface.

Opt for cast-iron baking dishes that make everything from tarts, cakes and pie to single servings of delicious flan or mousse. For individual serving sizes that make all your guests feel special, opt for cast-iron cocottes. Our cast-iron cookware is enameled, so you can take it straight out of the oven to the tabletop and serve up your delicious treats in style. Choose from square, round, rectangular and even heart-shaped cast-iron baking dishes to suit your needs. You can even pick out a cast-iron loaf pan to create sweet bread for dessert or multigrain loaves for breakfast.

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