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Enjoy the bounty of summer with our recipes
and tips for all kinds of tomatoes, like cherry,
plum, beefsteak and heirloom.

Tomatoes 101


Sweet, small tomatoes that are easy to grow, even
in small spaces. Eat fresh in salads, toss with pasta,
bake in frittatas or tarts or grill on kebabs.

Sweet 100, Sungold, Rambling Red Stripe,
Sweet Olive, Black Cherry, Yellow Pear

- PLUM -

Oblong or pear-shaped tomatoes with a thick
flesh. Great for tomato sauce, tomato paste,
roasting and canning.

Roma, San Marzano

Tomatoes 101


Flavorful tomatoes that come in a wide variety
of colors, shapes and sizes. Excellent for slicing,
in salads, with fresh pasta or baked in tarts.

Early Girl, Green Zebra, Yellow Valencia, Big Pink



Large to very large tomatoes that are great
for slicing and using in sandwiches and salads,
or drizzled with olive oil and vinegar.

Brandywine, Sunny Boy, Cherokee Purple