Cookbook Club

Love collecting cookbooks? Enjoy trying new recipes? Join us for a Cookbook Club class. Led by our talented culinary experts,
each exclusive cooking class showcases recipes from a different featured cookbook.

• Each 1½ to 2-hour class features cooking tips and techniques
  and a three-course tasting menu from the book's best recipes, prepared while you watch.
• Participants receive a 10% discount on store purchases the day of the class.
• Available in all stores. Click here to Request More Information.
• Space is limited and reservations are required.



Wednesday, March 14th at 6pm

A technique long prized by restaurant chefs, sous vide cooking has gone mainstream, attracting an enthusiastic following of home cooks who appreciate its ease of use and consistently perfect results. In this class, we will share everything you need to know to sous vide at home. On the Menu: Chicken Tacos with Mexican Corn on the Cob!

$30 includes The Sous Vide Cookbook 

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