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Long Lasting Chopping Knife

  • Sugg. Price: $244 Our Price: $169.95
    With its long 12" blade, this produce knife is designed for prepping larger fruits and vegetables, especially those with thick, tough rinds such as melons, squash and pineapple. The long blade enables you to cut all the way across even the largest produce, while the straight edge makes up-and-down chopping easy. Extra-long blade slices effortlessly through the toughest rinds and skins. Blade is forged from solid VG-10 super steel with mirror-polished finish.
  • Sugg. Price: $438$475 Our Price: $349.95$379.95
    Our exclusive Shun Hiro collection features high-performance Eastern-style knives designed for speed, agility and balance as well as striking beauty. A cutting core of ultra premium SG-2 steel gives them a super sharp, lasting edge. Handcrafted in Japan, these chefs knives are indispensable for everyday cutting tasks from chopping to slicing to mincing. Extremely thin, lightweight blade for fast and agile performance.
  • Sugg. Price: $199$249 Our Price: $79.20$103.20
    Legendary industrial designer Komin Yamada brings a new age of innovation to Global cutlery with Saiindividually hand-hammered knives with one-of-a-kind character. Unifying function and design, this distinctive Japanese santoku combines an ergonomic handle with a triple-layered steel blade that combines characteristics of a Western chefs knife and a cleaver.
  • Sugg. Price: $157 Our Price: $134.95
    Known in Japan as a gyuto, this light, nimble knife is ideal for slicing meat and fish, and it performs beautifully on vegetables too. The blade is thinner than a traditional chef's knife but still offers plenty of knuckle clearance on the cutting board. Shun knives are produced by Japans leading blade manufacturer, reflecting the craftsmanship of a centuries-old tradition of knife making. All-purpose Asian-style chef's knife with thin, lightweight blade.
  • Sugg. Price: $157$200 Our Price: $124.95$159.95
    Indispensable for everyday cutting tasks from chopping to slicing, Shun's chef's knives feature supersharp blades and comfortable handles that provide strength and control. VG-MAX super steel blades are clad on each side with 69 microthin layers of stainless steel, creating a variegated look reminiscent of a Damascus-style blade. Long, slightly curved blade is efficient for both slicing and chopping. Exceedingly sharp cutting edge is long lasting and easy to maintain.
  • Sugg. Price: $150 Our Price: $99.95
    Combining the benefits of a chef's knife and cleaver, this hollow-ground santoku is indispensable for chopping, slicing and dicing. Oval indentations on the blade's sides reduce friction to produce clean, uniform cuts and minimize sticking. VG-MAX super steel blades are clad on each side with 69 microthin layers of stainless steel, creating a variegated look reminiscent of a Damascus-style blade. The wide, angle-tipped blade combines the best features of a chef's knife and a cleaver.
  • $329.95$369.95
    The Kikuichi history of fine craftsmanship dates back to 12th century Japan, when an ancestor became a swordsmith for the emperor, marking each sword with the monarchs chrysanthemum symbol. Today this proud tradition of metalwork continues with beautiful cutlery etched with this enduring emblem. Handcrafted in Japan, this gyuto knife (chef's knife) is ideal for extended chopping tasks without hand fatigue. Put it to work every day for all-purpose slicing, mincing and dicing.
  • Sugg. Price: $100$125 Our Price: $79.95
    Designed and developed in close collaboration with renowned professional chefs, Zwilling Four Star cutlery has been a worldwide favorite for nearly 40 years. These commercial-quality German knives combine ergonomically contoured handles with precision-forged blades that are ice-hardened for maximum strength and hand-sharpened for impeccable performance. Among the most useful tools in any kitchen, this multifunctional chef's knife is one youll use daily for chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing.