KAI for Williams-Sonoma

Take your cutting skills to the next level when you add KAI knives to your kitchen arsenal. KAI knives feature fun colors that add a dimension of liveliness to your kitchen tools and accessories. Williams-Sonoma offers the essential KAI knives you need to create your favorite dishes. We also offer individual knives that help you with specific kitchen tasks, allowing you to bring your culinary creativity to life. Find specific kitchen knives that make chopping, slicing and dicing easier and more efficient so you have more fun when doing prep work.

If you are just starting to build your kitchen or if you know someone who is moving into his or her first house or apartment, a complete juicer. This blade comes serrated to cut through the thick skin of oranges, lemons and limes. It is also orange in color, helping you pick it out from the block.

For the family that goes through a lot of sandwiches, KAI has you covered. The specialty sandwich knife has a serrated blade that cuts through bread without smashing it. The spread-apart grooves allow it to cut through a number of bread types, from hard French breads to soft brioche buns. The rounded edge also makes applying condiments like mustard and mayonnaise easy. The tomato knife comes in a red color just like its namesake fruit. The serrated blade slices through the skin smoothly without smashing the produce. The forked end lets you pick up slices easily and place them between two slices of bread.

For precision cuts, the paring knife helps when cutting an apple into slices or when chopping stalks of celery for soups and stocks. For larger vegetables, a Nakiri knife lets you make large chops. This type of knife has a large, wide blade that lets you push the vegetables into a bowl for a salad.