Grill Pans & Griddles

For all those times when you can‘t get outside to grill, a cast-iron grill pan is the next best thing. Whether you‘re a resident of the urban jungle or are simply experiencing a bout of inclement weather that‘s interrupting your ability to grill with flair, cast-iron grill pans can give you the coveted grill marks and delicately charred flavor you‘re looking for. Williams-Sonoma‘s selection of cast-iron grill pans and griddles is perfect for indoor cooking that feels at once rustic and luxurious. From perfectly seared steaks to fluffy, evenly baked pancakes, cast iron is the ideal material to help make it happen.

Thanks to their durability and the raised grill lines that mark their surfaces, cast-iron grill pans are perfect for cooking everything from burgers and sausages to corn, pineapple and bread. Anything you want cooked to perfection with grill lines or an artistic grid, you can achieve with a cast-iron grill pan. You can even use your grill pan on your charcoal grill as you‘re cooking out to give tricky grill foods, such as halloumi cheese or fish, a slightly smoky flavor and the grill char that‘s present for the rest of your dishes. The grill pan is the perfect balance between the high cooking temperature and distinctive lines of an actual grill and the solid security of a frying pan.

That balance means that cast-iron grill pans are exceptionally versatile. From perfectly aged and marbled steaks to tofu, any food that you can cook on a grill or in a frying pan, you can cook on a grill pan. Cast-iron grill pans have the added bonus of being able to go from the stove top to the oven, so you can sear steaks and other meat before slipping it in the oven to finish cooking. When seasoned properly, cast iron also has excellent nonstick properties, so you won‘t experience sticking and pulling at the char sites, meaning you‘ll retain that all-important flavor boost with ease.

Even the most complete collection of cookware will benefit from the addition of a cast-iron grill pan. These versatile tools can stand in for a grill or stand alone to help you boost the variety and flavor of the food you serve. Use your grill pan to give a quick, striped char to ingredients bound for a complex dish or let it handle the star of the culinary show. The possibilities are nearly endless.