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Meat, Poultry & Seafood Tools

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Meat, Poultry & Seafood Tools

From a backyard barbecue in the summer to a comfort food feast during the holidays that stars none other than a ham or turkey, you need quality meat tools in the kitchen to ease the hassle of food preparation year-round. Just when you think youʼve seen it all, Williams-Sonoma offers yet another great tool to help you slice, shred or tenderize meat and more. Among our meat and poultry tools, youʼll find everyday items like meat tenderizers and roast lifters as well as specialty tools you never knew existed, like a pig-shaped bacon press. There are also less glamorous, but just as important, items needed when preparing the main course, including hamburger patty papers and brining and roasting bags. You can find everything you need in one place.

Roasting is one of the most common ways to cook meat, especially when preparing dinner for a crowd. Thatʼs why itʼs important to find the right tools for the job. Roasting thermometers have come a long way, and some even have Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to leave the kitchen and tend to other tasks, such as entertaining or simply enjoying your family and friends. Other meat tools you might not have considered that will help make roasting easier include roasting racks and lifters. If you feel that itʼs time to upgrade your kitchen timekeepers, check out the many available options for thermometers and timers. This selection includes meat tools for both the oven and the grill with a wide range of high-tech gadgets as well as simpler varieties for those who arenʼt big on using technology in the kitchen.

While most people assume meat tools are only for those who eat a lot of poultry and red meat, that’s not necessarily true. There are other kitchen aids besides hamburger and poultry tools for those who love to eat seafood. You will find a nice selection of seafood tools that are must-haves for anyone who eats meals from the sea on a regular basis. Of course, there are knives, forks, picks and crackers to get into all those shells, but you can also find a few items you might have never heard of before, such as a fish descaler or seafood scissors. There is also a sushi mold because, even though you might not cook sushi, preparing it properly is quite important.

When itʼs pretty outside, especially in the summer months, there’s no doubt you’ll want to take the party outside. Having plenty of good grill tools on hand will make cooking fresh meat as well as vegetables easier than ever. Whether youʼre grilling steaks and burgers or poultry and seafood, there are a lot of tools dedicated to making specific tasks quick and simple. For instance, check out the fish marinator and grill tray or the turkey grilling conversion kits. Youʼll also see items like grill mats and cleaning tools to keep things clean so that you can focus more time on cooking rather than washing up.

Now that youʼve settled on all the right meat tools to assist in your food preparation, here comes the fun part: cooking with your new tools. Before you can do so, however, youʼll need some fresh meat. Instead of worrying about running to the store, stay online and shop for meats and seafood. Choose from a variety of steak cuts and hamburger meat sold in patties, either loose or as part of a tailgating pack. There is also poultry, ribs and lamb as well as salmon and lobster. You can even order pre-cooked meats and dishes like lobster macaroni and cheese to supplement the meat you plan on cooking.