Vegetable Tools

Sometimes creating the perfect meal all comes down to your tools. William-Sonoma offers a wide range of vegetable tools to help your food have the look you want. We carry items that chop, mash, strip greens and cut spiral vegetables. It doesn’t matter what tool you are looking for, our wide variety is sure to provide something that matches the color, style or ease of use that you desire. Paderno offers three- and four-blade spiral cutters as well as a handheld option if you want to save counter space. Fry cutters are great for making homestyle fries for those family dinner nights where you want to do something fun that everyone at the table will eat. Potato mashers and ricers can help make quick work of mashed potatoes. However, many of these tools are used for more than just one type of vegetable and versatility is a great thing in the kitchen.

A lot of little jobs, which can be annoying or pose cutting dangers with knives, can be accomplished with vegetable tools. Tomato corers and corn strippers are very helpful and make quick work of big projects like creaming corn or getting tomatoes ready for chopping or boiling. The right tools can reduce the time you spend in the kitchen as well as the effort.

Make your time in the kitchen even more efficient with baking and pastry tools and seafood tools. Cooking outside can be easier too with the right grill tools and accessories.