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Few things are as memorable as the irresistible smell and gooey goodness of a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Thankfully, Williams-Sonoma offers baking and pastry tools to make everything from food prep to cooking faster, more enjoyable and effortless. Showcase your talent in a way that everyone can see with a Marble Pastry Board. Its ultras-mooth surface is ideal for working with and rolling out pie, pastry and pizza doughs easily. Marble boards are prized by professional chefs because they remain cooler than room temperature, allowing for easy working of doughs. For the best results when making dough, choose a stand mixer.

Our Emile Henry Rectangular Baking Stone is an extremely popular piece, and for good reason. Its durable and refined flame-glazed ceramic surface ensures a perfectly crispy crust every time, while a rectangular shape makes it perfect for everything from mouthwatering pizza to rolls and cookies. It is available in black or red hues and is designed to be used a smart serving piece, allowing you to take a finished pizza straight from the oven to the dining room table. A professional quality spatula is a great idea for easier serving. And for filling, decorating and piping, our Ateco stainless-steel pastry tips feature styles perfect for decorating any baked goods. For serving your finished creations, choose an attractive platter or serving stand.