Salad Spinners

A beautiful salad in a lovely, large serving bowl can sometimes hide an unwanted addition at the bottom: water. Wet salads can make even the most delicious combination of greens and dressing taste flat and bland. Luckily, salad spinners make it easy to avoid this outcome, helping you ensure that your lettuce, spinach, kale and other greens are perfectly washed and dried every time. Williams-Sonoma offers a variety of salad spinners in different sizes and materials, allowing you to find the perfect match for your needs. Whether you need a large spinner or small, want a stainless-steel bowl or plastic, we can help you find the tool you need to keep your salads fresh and dry.

Whether you‘re washing some spring mix that‘s destined to be dressed with simple oil and vinegar or you want to clean the sand off of freshly harvested spinach before sautéing it, salad spinners allow you to both thoroughly clean and then dry your veggies without bruising, tearing or otherwise damaging the leaves. You can even use the salad spinner‘s bowl to soak particularly dirty greens, then drain, rinse and spin them dry. It‘s a simple tool that will help you ensure that your vegetable dishes are as delicious as possible by removing unsavory particles and gently spinning off excess water.

The whirling action that salad spinners use is a simple matter of physics that allows you to exert minimal effort and drive the salad spinner‘s interior basket round and round at dizzying speeds. Whether you‘re spinning pre-chopped greens or whole leaves, the spinning action helps drive everything in the basket toward the margins. This forces the water on the leaves to fly outwards, away from the basket, while the greens stay nestled inside. Many of the salad spinner options we offer use a simple push-button operation, meaning you don‘t have to turn a crank to get them to work properly.

Eating more vegetables is always a good thing, but if you aren‘t always the biggest fan of health-food staples such as salads, a salad spinner may help you change your mind. While our salad spinners won’t magically alter the flavor of a salad so you think you‘re eating a burger and fries, they can help you bring your leaves to a proper state of cleanliness and dryness. This, in turn, helps eliminate particles, like sand, that can be unpleasant to bite into, and the spin-dry nature of spun lettuce also allows you to enjoy the flavor of whatever‘s in your salad bowl.