Funnels & Strainers

Funnels and strainers come in handy for all sorts of jobs in the kitchen. Whether you’re making fresh cheese, straining pasta or canning your garden harvest our mesh and metal chinois strainers help you prepare foods properly. Metal skimmer and spider utensils can be used to stir simmering foods and pull unwanted foam or herbs from the top of the pot. Another labor-saving item is our soup sock that holds all of your savory veggies and herbs in a pouch for easy removal after the contents have flavored your stocks and soups. Be sure to have a wide assortment of glass canning and juice jars for preserving and storing soups and other foods. Williams-Sonoma carries jars for canning in a variety of shapes and sizes with glass or metal lids.

Other canning tools include funnels, canning tongs, lid lifters, and jam kettles that make easy work of preserving foods. To get the best results from your canning efforts you should uniformly cut fruit so it packs in jars fully without any gaps. Our large assortment of ingenious and time-saving fruit tools includes corers, seeders, peelers and slicers to make light work of prepping a large amount of produce like apples, cherries and pears. There’s a mango pitter and an avocado saver in the collection as well. If you’re making candy or other foods that must be cooked to a certain temperature make sure you have a few reliable thermometers in the kitchen. We carry several different types of thermometers to meet your temp-measuring needs whether you’re roasting a goose or making a pan of peanut brittle. Our strainer collection also includes a gravy separator and fine-mesh cheesecloth for special recipes and meals.