Funnels & Strainers

Having a funnel in the kitchen drawer makes quick and clean work of many kitchen tasks you encounter as you’re cooking meals, baking desserts and organizing your kitchen. Use one of our versatile stainless-steel funnels to fill salt and pepper shakers without spilling a grain, transferring fine grains and liquids into small-mouthed containers and even separating egg whites from their yolks. A funnel and strainer combination set is even handier, allowing you to strain oil that you use for deep frying while funneling it into a storage jar at the same time. The strainer is removable to allow you to use the funnel separately as well.

Gather a few sizes of fine mesh strainers without funnels as well. Strainers large and small are so helpful when straining stocks and sauces, sifting dry ingredients and dusting desserts with powdered sugar. Our stainless-steel strainers fit securely over bowls and pots so you can strain your foods and dry goods without mess. Loop handles allow you to store your strainers by hanging them on a utensil bar if you like, so they are in easy reach when needed. As an alternative, try our silicone pot strainer. It clips securely over the rim of your cookware as an alternative to a colander, allowing you to drain pastas and veggies right from the pot.

Safely remove potatoes from a boiling pot of water or french fries from hot oil by using a skimmer. Our long-handled stainless-steel skimmers safely put plenty of distance between you and the bubbling items on the stove top, with a sturdy construction that will not bend and a shallow perforated head that drains foods as you remove them from the liquid. Select a mesh skimmer as well. The fine mesh of these skimmers allows you to remove bits and particles from frying oil, soups and sauces. Use mesh skimmers for tossing, scooping and lifting foods too. And moving from the kitchen to the bar, choose a julep strainer for straining cocktails from a mixing glass for professionally-made cocktails at home.

As an added helper to your strainer, select a strainer and pestle combination. Fine chefs often use these tools to make the smoothest soups and sauces. The 18/10 stainless-steel strainer is used for separating liquids and solids while the pestle pushes denser ingredients through the strainer so you don’t miss any of the tasty ingredients. These strainers easily rest over pots and bowls, with side tabs and a long handle to keep them in place. Choose a set with an accompanying stand, which you can set the strainer on when pouring into smaller bowls and cookware.