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Can I use the thermometer without the app?

Yes, the thermometer can be used without the app, and it will still provide time remaining estimates. You will need to input your target finish temperature using the arrows on the base's touch screen.

Do I need Wi-Fi to use the thermometer?

Wi-Fi is not necessary unless you wish to use the app with the thermometer.

Do I need Wi-Fi to use the app?

Yes. The app requires input from your thermometer base that it receives over your home's Wi-Fi network.

Can I connect my computer to the thermometer?

No. Only mobile devices can connect to the smart thermometer.

What mobile devices are compatible with the smart thermometer?

You can connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, with iOS 6.0 or later, to the smart thermometer. Android devices are not currently compatible, but an update is planned for early 2014.

Can I connect multiple devices to my smart thermometer?

Yes. Once you set up the thermometer on one device, hit the reset button on the back of the thermometer and go through the setup process with the next device. The smart thermometer will still remember the first device and will add on the second.

Can the thermometer be used right out of the box?

No, before you set your thermometer up on your home's Wi-Fi network or use it for the first time, you need to let it charge for at least three hours.

How do I connect the smart thermometer in direct mode without using Wi-Fi?

1. To connect without in direct mode, first turn the thermometer on by holding down and then releasing the on/off button on the back of the thermometer base. There will be a slight delay before it turns on. Check that your thermometer is charged. If it's not, plug it in before you continue with the setup.

2. Open the smart thermometer app on your iDevice (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch). Follow Step 1 in the app.

3. In Step 2 of the app, when asked for a network name and password, enter: Network: direct Password: connect (these fields are case-sensitive!) After you enter this, select "Done."

4. A screen asking you if you want to continue in direct mode will appear. After you select "Accept" and proceed with direct mode, you will skip over the login step, which means you will not be able to access your cooking history or store notes in the app.

5. To leave direct mode and switch to Wi-Fi mode, reset the thermometer by using the end of the probe to press the reset button on the back of the thermometer.

6. When you come back to the smart thermometer app, make sure you are connected directly to the thermometer, not to your home's Wi-Fi network.


Does the thermometer use batteries?

The smart thermometer has an internal battery that requires charging.

Does the base have to be plugged in when I'm using the thermometer?

The base does not have to be plugged into a power outlet when you're cooking if it has been charged.

How much does the thermometer need to be charged for me to use it?

The base must be at least 20% charged to be operated without being plugged into a power outlet. For longer cooking times, it's a good idea to fully charge the base before beginning to cook.

How long can I cook with the thermometer before I have to charge it?

On average, a full charge lasts for about 6 hours of active use.

My thermometer is on but the screen is dark—why can't I see the numbers?

If your thermometer is not plugged into a power outlet, it will go into power save mode, even if you're in a cooking cycle. Simply tap the base's touch screen to wake it up. To continuously display the readout, simply plug the thermometer into a power outlet.

What does the flashing probe light on the base's screen mean?

It means that you need to check your probe cord's connection with the base station—your cord may have become detached.

How do I change from Fahrenheit to Celsius temperature readings?

Simply press the button marked C/F on the back of the base station.

How will I know that my food is done if I'm not using the app?

If you've input a target temperature into the base station, the smart thermometer will beep three times when you're within 10° of your target temperature. Once you reach the target temperature, the base station will continually sound longer beeps until you tap the cancel button on the base's touch screen. Tap the cancel button once to turn the beeping off and start the resting timer. Tap the cancel button twice to turn off the beeping, cancel the resting timer and end the cooking cycle. If you forget to remove your food from the oven and your food's internal temperature continues to rise 10° over the target temperature, a single, extra-loud tone will sound as a reminder.

How do I clean the thermometer base?

Just wipe it clean with a damp cloth and dry immediately. Do not submerge it or place it in the dishwasher.

Does the probe have to stay in the food the whole time it cooks?

For best results and accurate time remaining estimates, the probe should be left in the food during the whole cooking process.

Where do I place the probe in the food?

When you select a preset food and allow the app to assign the target finish temperature, the app will also provide illustrations and instructions for whatever cut of meat you're cooking. Just tap the probe icon on the top left of the app screen, select your cut of meat and the app will instruct you where to place the probe. Note: If you choose to forgo the preset food options and manually set your own finish temperature, probe placement guidance will not be available.

I lost my probe—how can I get a new one?

Williams-Sonoma sells replacement probes online. You can also purchase one over the phone by calling Williams-Sonoma Customer Service or by visiting a Williams-Sonoma store.

How do I clean the probe and cord?

Do not submerge the probe or cord or put them in the dishwasher. Use a damp soapy cloth to clean the probe and cord. Dry immediately.


What parts of the thermometer go in the oven?

The probe and the cord are oven safe and stay in the oven during the cooking process. The base is not heat safe and must remain outside the oven at all times.

What's the hottest oven that I can use the thermometer in?

The probe and the cord are heat safe to 716°F.

What if I don't have a counter next to my oven to place the base on?

We recommend placing the base on a kitchen chair or stool next to the oven.

When I choose the temperature, am I choosing the oven temperature or food temperature?

When you select a target temperature, either on the smart thermometer app or on the thermometer itself, you are choosing the internal finish temperature for the food you are cooking. Refer to your recipe for your oven temperature setting.

What is the maximum temperature that the thermometer can read?

The thermometer can provide temperature readings up to 292°F. You shouldn't ever need it to read anything higher—for instance, a cooked turkey breast should only be 165°F.

Can I add the thermometer later in the cooking process or do I have to use it from the start?

It's best to use it from the start so that the thermometer has enough data to accurately predict your food's finish time, but if you just want to get a current temperature reading, you can insert the thermometer during the cooking process.

What happens if someone opens the oven door when I'm cooking and the temperature changes?

Nothing. The smart thermometer automatically adjusts the finish time estimate based on your food's internal temperature, not on the oven temperature.

Can I use the smart thermometer as a candy thermometer?

The smart thermometer was not designed to clip onto the side of a pot, so we don't recommend using it as a candy thermometer.

Can I use my smart thermometer with countertop cooking appliances?

The smart thermometer cannot be used in a microwave oven, but it can be used to monitor food in a toaster oven, a countertop convection oven and a slow cooker. If using it in a slow cooker, be sure that neither the probe nor the cord is submerged in liquid.

Can I use the smart thermometer for outdoor cooking?

Yes. It can be used on an outdoor grill or in a smoker, but if you want to use it with the app, make sure your smoker or grill is within range of your Wi-Fi network.

Can the smart thermometer be used for stovetop cooking?

Yes, but just be sure that neither the probe nor the cord is submerged in liquid.

How does the smart thermometer know when my food will be done?

The smart thermometer tracks the rate at which your food's temperature is changing and predicts how long it will take for your food to reach the final target temperature.


Why do I need to log in?

Logging in allows you to save your cooking history, store notes and pictures, and share your notes and pictures with your friends. We store that information on a cloud so that even if you get a new mobile device or change Wi-Fi networks, you can still access your notes and history. We need a login so that all of the information you save gets grouped together.

I have a login for Williams-Sonoma's website. Can I use that for the smart thermometer app?


What mobile devices are compatible with the app?

The app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

Is there an Android version of the smart thermometer app?

Not at this time, but there will be one coming soon.

How do I select my meat type and temperature?

Tap the SET button at the top of the app's home screen and select your meat type and doneness from the list. If you wish to set your own target temperature, you may do so by selecting MANUAL and typing in your own temperature. Once a target temperature is set, the SET button on the home screen will display that target temperature. If you wish to change it, just tap it again.

Does the app tell you what the oven temperature should be?

No. It only provides internal finish temperatures for food. For the appropriate oven temperature, refer to your recipe.

Where can I find out where to put the probe?

Just tap the probe icon on the top left of the app screen, select the cut of meat that you're cooking, and the app will instruct you where to place the probe for the most accurate reading.

What's the difference between alerts and timers?

Timers operate just like regular kitchen timers—you tell them how much time to measure and they tell you when that time is up. Alerts are more like a scheduling tool. You set an alert when you'd like to do something based on your food's start or finish time. For example, perhaps you want to sauté your green beans 30 minutes before the turkey is done cooking. The smart thermometer app knows when your turkey will be done cooking, so it can tell you exactly when you have 30 minutes left in the cooking process and that you should get your sauté pan out!

How do I set an alert if I want to be reminded to put something in the oven or baste my turkey?

Tap the ALERT tab on the bottom left of the app's home screen. Select whether you'd like the app to remind you based on the time your main dish has been in the oven or based on the time your main dish has left in the oven. If you choose to schedule your alert based on the time remaining, the app will update your alert based on any adjustments that it has to make to your main dish's finish time estimate. Type in a name for your alert and set the time that you'd like to be alerted.

How do I set a timer?

Tap the stopwatch icon on the top right of the app's home screen. You can set as many timers as you need.

How do I take a picture of my food with the app?

Tap the camera icon on the lower right side of the app's home screen to activate the camera function in the app.

How can I share my cooking process with my friends?

Tap the share icon located next to the camera icon to share pictures and cooking notes with friends over Facebook and Twitter.

Can I share my pictures on Instagram?

Not directly through the app at this time.

Why am I not getting a time remaining prediction?

The time remaining estimate is only available after your food's internal temperature reaches 90°F.

How can I get the latest version of the smart thermometer app?

Just like other apps you have on your phone or tablet, all you need to do is go to the App Store on your device and select the updates tab and download the latest version of the app.


How far away from the thermometer base can I go and still use the app?

You can go as far as your home Wi-Fi network reaches.

What happens if I leave my Wi-Fi range by mistake?

You will receive a message that the connection was lost. Simply go back within range of your Wi-Fi network and relaunch the app.

What do I do if I get disconnected while I'm cooking?

In most cases the smart thermometer will reconnect automatically, as long as your Wi-Fi signal is still available. If you find that it does not reconnect automatically or a reconnect symbol appears on your app screen, simply close the app on your device and reopen it. To completely close the app, double click on your device's home button and, if you're using iOS 7.0 or greater, swipe the app image off your screen. If you're using a version of iOS 6.0, double click on the home button and then hold your finger on the smart thermometer app icon on the bottom menu until it wiggles. Then tap the red minus sign on the smart thermometer app icon to close it. Once you reopen the app, if you are still unable to connect, you may need to perform the Wi-Fi connection setup with your thermometer again.

Why can't I find the smart thermometer on my available Wi-Fi networks list?

First, make sure your thermometer is on and is fully charged or plugged in to a power outlet. Your smart thermometer's Wi-Fi signal name can be found on the bottom of the base. It will begin with "MAC". If you don't see it on your available network list, turn off the Wi-Fi on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and then turn it back on and see if the smart thermometer shows up. If that doesn't work, reset your smart thermometer by using the end of the probe to gently press the recessed reset button on the back of the base. Then turn your smart thermometer off by holding the ON/OFF button until the screen turns off. Turn the base back on and try your connection again.

Why does the thermometer need to communicate on my home's Wi-Fi network if it has its own Wi-Fi signal?

The smart thermometer's base does have a Wi-Fi signal that your mobile device can find, but it doesn't have the range that your home Wi-Fi network has and it doesn't have a router to connect to the internet. An internet connection is needed to store your cooking history and notes on the smart thermometer cloud so that you can access your information even if you get a new mobile device or change Wi-Fi networks.

Can people on other Wi-Fi networks see how I am using my smart thermometer?

No. Only devices that have gone through the setup process with your smart thermometer and are connected to your home Wi-Fi network can see your cooking progress.

How do I know if my router is not compatible?

Only a few routers are incompatible with the smart thermometer. See incompatible router list >

Is there a recommended router type?

Yes. We recommend the N300 Wireless Router from Netgear WNR1500.

What should I do if my router isn't on the incompatible list but doesn't seem to be working?

Make sure your router's radio mode is b/g compatible or in mixed mode. It's important that your router is not in n only mode. If you're using an Apple router, check to make sure that it's not using radio channel 13. If you have questions about these settings, contact your internet service provider.

How can I know what my router's security setting is when I'm setting the thermometer up on my Wi-Fi network?

In most cases the app's default security selection (WPA/WPA2) will work for setup so you won't need to make a selection. If, however, it does not work, your network's security settings can be viewed on any computer that is connected to your home's Wi-Fi network. If you're on a PC, go to the start menu and select "Settings" then choose "Network Connections" and then "Wireless Network Connection." Finally, choose your Wi-Fi network name from the list. The security setting will be displayed. If you're on a Mac, go to the Wi-Fi symbol on the top of your screen and select "Open Network Preferences." Select your Wi-Fi network to see the security setting.

What should I do if I have an Apple router and am having trouble connecting?

First try these steps to troubleshoot: Download Airport Utility 6.0 from the App Store onto your Apple computer or iDevice (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch). After the utility is open, click on your router and select "Edit." On the Internet tab on your computer or on Internet connections on your iDevice, click on the "Renew DHCP Lease" button and then select "Update" or "Done". This refreshes the list of devices connected to your router. When this step is completed, you will need to reboot your computer and modem, router and iDevice.

Where can I get more help with setup?

Call Williams-Sonoma's Customer Care Center at 1.800.541.1262.