Behind The Design

Beautiful and enduring, hand-knotted rugs have been the floor layer of choice for centuries. Crafted entirely by hand using techniques that date back to ancient times, hand-knotted rugs are beloved for their intricate patterns, storied past and one-of-a-kind style.



Process Makes Perfect

Using masterfully dyed fibers – usually wool or silk – artisans craft the rugs on a vertical loom. Vertical threads (warp threads) run from the top to the bottom of the loom and eventually become the rug’s fringe. The weaver ties precise knots horizontally across the warp to create the foundation of the rug (the welt). Each knot is tied, cut, and then tied again to fully secure the knot. Experienced weavers can tie one knot every two seconds and 10,000 knots in an eight-hour day.


Rug Blueprint


Weavers follow a “cartoon,” which is created by a master designer, and serves as a blueprint for the rug. The cartoon indicates what color threads are required in each portion of the rug in order to achieve the desired pattern or motif.

Finishing Process

Once all the knots have been tied, the rug goes through a finishing process. It is carefully washed to bring out the color and luster of the fibers, then the top is sheared for a soft, uniform appearance. Finally, edge bindings are sewn and the fringe is trimmed. A single hand-knotted rug can take from a month to an entire year to craft, and once finished will live on in your home for a lifetime.



Meet The Makers

Williams Sonoma Home hand-knotted rugs are made through the collaborative efforts of a passionate and committed team. Our in-house designers draw on ancient textile motifs as well as modern design trends to create heirloom quality rugs that complement a range of spaces.



Our India-based team of artisans meticulously hand-craft each rug using techniques and processes that have been developed and passed down through generations. Each rug we make is a reflection of the designer’s unique vision and the artisans’ exceptional skills. And, like all great pieces of art, each rug is one of a kind.



Experience The Difference

Our hand-knotted rugs bring unrivaled character and beauty to floors. Because they’re crafted entirely by hand, they can endure a lifetime (and beyond) of use. Quality fibers, an advanced dying process and extremely dense knot counts contribute to their longevity. Special attention is paid to the luster of the yarns, the consistency of the pile height and the preciseness of the pattern.


Hand-tufted Rugs

Unlike machine- and hand-tufted rugs, authentic hand-knotted rugs have no glued-on backing. When flipped over,  a hand-knotted rug shows the same pattern as the front. The rugs can also be folded in either direction like a traditional textile, versus other rugs which require rolling for transport.



Find Your Design

Our collection of hand-knotted rugs blends traditional and vintage textile patterns from around the
globe – from Turkey and India to Uzbekistan and China – with a fresh, modern approach to color, scale and composition. A blend of old and new, our hand-knotted rugs layer well with both modern and traditional interiors.



To help you choose the perfect hand-knotted rug for your space, consider ordering one of our fast, easy and accurate swatches. The 18" sq. swatches are crafted to show a representative portion of the rug, accurate for color, texture and construction. We also recommend our room measuring guide for choosing the appropriate rug size for your space.

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